Are Fritos Honey BBQ twists discontinued?

Are Fritos Honey BBQ twists discontinued?

Can BBQ Fritos be found e Fritos discontinued?? It is with great sadness that Frito-Lay North America announced that we will be discontinuing the popular BBQ Fritos and replacing them with Honey BBQ Twists and Chili Cheese flavors after almost 80 years.

Are BBQ Fritos discontinued?

Sadly in 2018, after having been in production nearly 80 years, Frito-Lay North America decided to halt production of our beloved BBQ Fritos and replaced them with the lesser Honey BBQ Twists & Chili Cheese flavors.

Why were BBQ Fritos discontinued?

Why Can’T I Find Bbq Fritos Anymore? We regret to inform you that in 2018, due to outdated production methods, Frito-Lay North America decided to stop producing BBQ Fritos and began selling Honey BBQ Twists & Chili Cheese instead. Now that they have achieved success, Frito Lay is bringing them back.

Why is there a shortage of Frito-Lay chips?

The most important factor is likely labor, The Dallas Morning News said. Irregular inventory levels can be the result of fewer workers in plants or behind the wheel of distribution trucks. And demand for snacks is higher than it was pre-pandemic.

Are BBQ Fritos back?

When Frito-Lay discontinued Fritos Bar-B-Q Corn Chips, well, let’s just say that people weren’t happy. Luckily, the snack returned last year for a limited time, and the brand has decided to bring them back again for summer 2021, a PR rep confirmed to Best Products!

Are Barbeque Fritos back?

Why can’t you find Fritos in the store?

None to be found. According to this story in the Santa Fe New Mexican, it appears to be more of a COVID-related supply-chain issue than any holdover from this summer’s labor strike. These days, any unavailable ingredient can collapse the entire supply chain.

Why can’t I find Frito corn chips?

In our continued efforts to keep the store shelves stocked, we have simplified our production to best meet the current consumer demand. As a result, we have temporarily paused the production of some items. Please know we’re working hard to get all your favorite snacks back in a store near you ASAP.

Is there still a Frito shortage?

The highly publicized strike at a Frito-Lay plant last year is unlikely to still be affecting production, Lusk said. But COVID-19 has caused some plants to run at reduced capacity or shut down in some cases during surges.

Is there a shortage of Frito corn chips?