Are Jordan and Transjordan the same?

Are Jordan and Transjordan the same?

Name. The prefix trans- is Latin and means “across” or beyond, and so “Transjordan” refers to the land on the other side of the Jordan River. The equivalent term for the west side is the Cisjordan – literally, “on this side of the [River] Jordan”.

What is Frontier Force?

Frontier Force usually means any of a Paramilitary type border security or border guard, it can mean any of the following: Frontier Force Regiment (popularly known as the “Piffers” or the “FF”), one of six Infantry regiments in the Pakistan Army.

How was Transjordan created?

On 21 March 1921, the Foreign and Colonial office legal advisers decided to introduce Article 25 into the Mandate for Palestine, which brought Transjordan under the Palestine mandate and stated that in that territory, Britain could ‘postpone or withhold’ those articles of the Mandate concerning a Jewish national home.

Who did the British place on the throne of Transjordan?

Faced with the determination of Emir Abdullah to unify Arab lands under the Hashemite banner, the British proclaimed Abdullah ruler of the three districts, known collectively as Transjordan.

Is Transjordan a part of Palestine?

In March 1921, Britain offered Emir Abdullah, the grandfather of King Hussein, the governance of the area east of the Jordan River, which became known as Transjordan – the area across the Jordan from Palestine – and this area was considered thereafter as separate from Palestine.

Who are the Transjordan tribes?

According to the Hebrew Bible, Ammon and Moab were nations that occupied parts of Transjordan in ancient times. According to Genesis, (19:37–38), Ammon and Moab were descendants of Lot by Lot’s two daughters, in the aftermath of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Does India have a black ops team?

Since the 1990s, the Para (SF) have been deployed on counter-terrorism operations in the Kashmir region against insurgents. These operations include raids and ambushes.

What are the Transjordan tribes?

Why was Transjordan separated from Palestine?

Thus, in July 1922, when the League of Nations formally confirmed Britain’s mandate over Palestine, Transjordan was excluded from the Palestine mandate and from Britain’s promise to assist in the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Where is Transjordan in the Bible?

Southern Levant
Transjordan (Hebrew: עבר הירדן, Ever HaYarden) is an area of land in the Southern Levant lying east of the Jordan River valley. It is also alternatively called Gilead.