Are the kinks the first punk band?

Are the kinks the first punk band?

We wouldn’t call The Kinks the first punk band, but Davies’ attitude was certainly punk, and his somewhat nihilistic reaction to the boredom of The Kinks’ earlier sound ended up being a pioneering act of petulance.

Who started punk movement?

Bands such as the Velvet Underground, the Stooges, MC5, and The Dictators, coupled with shock rock acts like Alice Cooper, laid the foundation for punk in the US. The transvestite community of New York inspired the New York Dolls, who led the charge as glam punk developed out of the wider glam rock movement.

What is the best punk band ever?

– Patti Smith – the punk poet laureate, 2005 Commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, 2010 National Book Award winner and punk enough for me. – Joe Strummer of the Clash – Chris Bailey of the Saints – Pete Shelly of the Buzzcocks

Who were the first punk band?

According to the Official Albums Chart website, fewer than 400 chart sales separate Years and Years from the Leeds post-punk outfit – making Yard Act the potential first band of the year to Earlier this month Yard Act were announced as Lamacq’s pick

What is considered the first punk rock rock band?

The term ‘Punk’ was (originally) hated by the originators of the English scene. But it’s quite simple, The Sex Pistols were THE first band that were to become known as ‘Punk Rock’ even though they hated the term ‘Punk’ and always dissociated themselves from the word.

Who invented punk rock?

– Cream. and Led Zeppelin upped the ante when they started playing very loud blues. – Red Crayola. Detroit was also left out of the main loop, but nonetheless the MC5 and the Stooges helped move rock music one notch up the ladder of noise. – John Fahey. In the meantime, black music was going through a metamorphosis of its own.