Are there random encounters Fallout New Vegas?

Are there random encounters Fallout New Vegas?

The encounters in New Vegas are different from previous Fallout games, the handful of encounters being scripted encounters, and not a random encounter from a pool being initiated in predetermined spots in the wasteland. Several of these random encounters can be replaced by the Wild Wasteland trait.

Is it worth getting wild wasteland?

Yeah, it’s worth it, because it’s your only chance in any Fallout game to meet friendly aliens (if you stealth kill their hostile alien captain beforehand).

What does wild wasteland actually do?

Wild Wasteland is a trait in Fallout: New Vegas. It adds or changes random encounters or locations which would not appear the same in-game without the trait.

How do you get the Wild Wasteland perk?

You can get it via the autodoc in OWB, but afaik you need to replace one of your existing traits with it. Still, you can revisit all locations affected by Wild Wastleand and participate or witness the events. Alternatively, use the console if you don’t mind some light cheating.

Is Kamikaze a good trait?

There is no good reason to take Kamikaze. It grants ten additional Action Points while reducing your Damage Threshold by two. Damage Threshold determines the amount of damage you can mitigate through armor, which this trait permanently reduces.

Can you get both the Alien Blaster and the YCS 186?

Due to OWB it is now possible to get both the Alien Blaster and the YCS/186. If lets say you started the game without WW you would be able to get the YCS/186. Once you get it do OWB and change your traits to give you WW and go get the Alien Blaster.

Does wild wasteland ruin the game?

For the most part Wild Wasteland isn’t actually going to seriously change your gameplay experience. It simply changes a number of situations in the Wasteland to be a bit less serious or adds in some amusing little Easter Eggs. There is only one major change and that is where two of the unique weapons is concerned.

What are the two best traits in Fallout New Vegas?

From the utterly useless to the absolute best, these are the traits Fallout: New Vegas players should pick….Every Fallout: New Vegas Trait, Ranked

  1. 1 Skilled.
  2. 2 Fast Shot.
  3. 3 Good Natured.
  4. 4 Built to Destroy.
  5. 5 Small Frame.
  6. 6 Hoarder.
  7. 7 Four Eyes.
  8. 8 Early Bird.

What are good traits in Fallout New Vegas?

List of traits

Trait Benefit Code
Good Natured Increases Speech, Medicine, Repair, Science and Barter skills +5. 00137AFE
Heavy Handed Melee and unarmed do 20% more damage. 00135EC5
Kamikaze +10 Action Points. 00135F05
Loose Cannon Attack speed with thrown weapons increased by 30%. 00164ED1