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Tips for aspiring freelance proofreader

So welcome to the family of online proofreaders. You have decided to professionally engage in literary text processing without leaving your home. And your immediate task is to prepare the text of the customer for a meeting with readers.

Readers experience

Grammatical correctness has always been and will be a major advantage in oral communication and thoughts expression on paper. A well-written text gives the readers confidence that an educated person talks to them and that its author can be trusted. Then the meaning and idea embodied in it acquire extraordinary power.

Agree that the overall impression of the text that rife with elementary errors, misspellings and the lack of punctuation marks, is troubling or worse. Especially when the author presents a supposedly final product. But even a seemingly literate text may be perceived hardly and in a slipshod manner due to logical inconsistencies, complex structure, and inconsistency of sentences.

Sure, not everyone has so-called congenital literacy. In this case, a specialist in your person comes for help – a literary editor and a proofreader of texts.

It is often the author cannot put himself in the place of the reader, take into account the special manner of perceiving. The literary editor sees the text not only through the eyes of the author but also the reader at the same time. He is the specialist who is able to understand what the author wants to tell the readers and to become their like-minded person.

You edit the text in accordance with its purpose: an author’s manuscript for transmitting to the publisher, an article for publishing in the media, information about the company for posting on the website, scientific work for demonstrating to the manager of research.

And also you offer your clients the services of literary editing and proofreading as one of the best from the home-based proofreading jobs.

Who might be interested or needs your support

  • Copywriters and content makers creating texts for websites or advertising materials;
  • PR-specialists preparing visual-text materials for the media;
  • Designers and advertising agencies, whose task is to impose a flawless text;
  • Writers creating works of art in various genres of prose;
  • Journalists, publishers and bloggers;
  • All who are interested in the correct presentation of the text.

The advantages most clients appreciate

  • Privacy

The client should not worry about transferring its text to third parties. Unconditional confidentiality must be respected at all times. No one from outside should know about the content of the customer’s text and the number of edits it has undergone.

  • Quality of work

You have formed an optimal process of working with multiple proofreading, quality control and proper English wording. All the corrections that are made to the text, the author will see through the text view mode in the editor MS Word.

  • Compliance with deadlines

The terms for the fulfilment of the order will depend on the total length of the text, the type of processing (editing, proofreading, translation), as well as your workload at the time of the request. In any case, the client should always get a quality result on time.

Before you start working, you have the opportunity to give the client the opportunity to evaluate the quality of services offered and order free proofreading of a text fragment, which requires proofreading and correcting errors to see the number of edits or test translation of a text fragment.

Then the customer will trust you to do the right thing and believe that your and his overall goal is literacy and direct perception of his creation!