Can a person recover from a diabetic coma?

Can a person recover from a diabetic coma?

An untreated diabetic coma may also result in death. People who receive emergency treatment for a diabetic coma usually recover fully. Your doctor may recommend that you wear a medical identification bracelet that explains the nature of your diabetes and other health concerns.

What happens if you go into a diabetic coma?

If you lapse into a diabetic coma, you’re alive — but you can’t awaken or respond purposefully to sights, sounds or other types of stimulation. Left untreated, a diabetic coma can be fatal.

What is the treatment for someone suffering a diabetic emergency?

Emergency treatment can lower your blood sugar to a normal range. Treatment usually includes: Fluid replacement. You’ll receive fluids — usually through a vein (intravenously) — until you’re rehydrated.

Do you give insulin for diabetic coma?

Treatments for Diabetic Coma If it’s too high, you may get IV fluids and potassium, sodium, or phosphate to treat dehydration, insulin to help your tissues absorb sugar, and treatment for any underlying infection. If your blood sugar is too low, you may get a glucagon injection or dextrose.

What blood sugar level will put you in a coma?

A diabetic coma could happen when your blood sugar gets too high — 600 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL) or more — causing you to become very dehydrated.

What does diabetic coma look like?

The severe symptoms of uncontrolled blood sugar that can come before a diabetic coma include vomiting, difficulty breathing, confusion, weakness, and dizziness.

What blood sugar level puts you in a coma?

How does diabetic coma cause death?

A diabetic coma results from either very high or very low blood glucose levels. This is a life-threatening complication which causes the patient to fall into a state of unconsciousness. The coma is reversible if treated immediately, but if left untreated they may receive permanent brain damage or potentially die.