Can I come back to India after MS?

Can I come back to India after MS?

If you plan to come back on your own then you are the decision maker (100%). Hence you need to think thoroughly about the plans of settling down. Factor 4: Job hunt: Students take it for granted that having a master’s degree with 3 to 5 years of work experience makes it very easy for them to find jobs in India.

Why Indians are moving back to India?

From better infrastructure, facilities and standard of living in some countries, to finer career prospects and financial stability in others, the reasons why Indians move to foreign nations are numerous. And the number of those who consciously choose to return are, understandably, very few.

Do you regret moving back to India from USA?

Answer is – No, I don’t regret on this decision. Initial couple of months were definitely hard. All of a sudden more crowd,too much traffic on road and more pollution but that’s how I have spend my initial 20+ years of life:) and eventually I was able to adjust after initial struggle.

Is India more developed than America?

The US sits in 27th place, below many developed economies, including Japan, the UK and Denmark. India takes 76th place, just behind Guatemala, but ahead of South Africa, Bangladesh and Cameroon. The report argues that closing this gap could bring not only social benefits, but economic ones, too.

In which things India is better than US?

So this is a list of 10 things that India has or does better than any other nation on this planet.

  • Street vendors.
  • Old Railway Network.
  • Celebrities.
  • Ornamenting.
  • Comfort food.
  • Cricket Obsessive.
  • Festivals.
  • Mountain Cities.

Can I keep my US bank account after moving back to India?

Can I keep my US bank account after moving back to India? Yes. People moving back to India can keep their US Bank Accounts. They can also keep their Credit Cards open to add to their credit score.

Are foreign degrees recognized in India?

Degrees granted for courses pursued on offshore campuses of foreign universities are only valid in India if the offshore campus is duly approved by the competent authorities in that country. Foreign degrees awarded to students through pathway or diploma-level institutions are not given recognition as well by the AIU.

Is it worth to leave India?

Pros of Moving: Quality of Life : Of course the clean air, water and food gives an edge anytime over India. Also, the facilities are great and the corruption is less rampant. Money : good if you want to earn for a couple of years and come back.

Is leaving India good?

It makes people leave. They look for countries that respect talent and are willing to pay for it. These are strong reasons why Indians look to leave India – because India is a fair weather nation. You can live here only if the going is good….10 great reasons to leave India.

Source : SIFY
Author : Vijay Simha

Is it wise to move to India?

From a fantastic climate to a favorable cost of living, India is one of the places to move with your family. It is an ideal place for kids, primarily due to the amazing education opportunities. The country is also harmonious, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your family.

Why India is a good place to live?

One of the top reason and benefits that expats living in India put forward is the money. The cost of living in India remains very low by Western standards; most expats can live very comfortably even in the city centre of the metropolis of Mumbai and New Delhi. Travelling is also a good reason to be moving to India.