Can I see the Northern Lights in Washington state?

Can I see the Northern Lights in Washington state?

Opportunities will be better east of the Cascades that west of the mountains. For the best viewing, head up into the hills south of the Tri-Cities, or head north or east of Pasco or Richland or east to get away from the lights of town.

Where can I see stars in Washington state?

Artist Point. Artist Point, perched at 5,000 feet elevation between Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan, maybe one of the most popular spots for stargazing in Washington.

  • Cascade Pass at North Cascades.
  • Deer Park.
  • Green Lake and Paramount Park.
  • Lake Wenatchee State Park.
  • Mount St.
  • Mowich Lake.
  • Rattlesnake Ledge.
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    What time will the northern lights be visible tonight in Washington state?

    The best time to view the auroras is 9 p.m. and midnight, as long as the clouds and fogs don’t interfere with your view of the sky. The weather forecast for the Pacific Northwest shows a variable sky cover depending on your location.

    Where can I shoot the Milky Way in Seattle?

    One of the best places to see the stars, meteor showers and even auroras in Seattle is Alki Beach. You’ll experience less light pollution looking north into the Puget Sound and west to the Olympic Mountains, away from the tall buildings and iconic view into downtown Seattle.

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