Did Jacqueline win Miss Universe?

Did Jacqueline win Miss Universe?

Jacqueline Fernandez is a Bahraini–Sri Lankan actress, former model and the winner of the Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant of 2006 who predominantly works in Hindi films. In 2009, she debuted with Aladin and since then has established a career in the Hindi film industry.

Who won Miss Sri Lanka?

De Silva won the Mrs Sri Lanka title in April, but while on stage her crown was snatched by Caroline Jurie, the outgoing title holder. Jurie and another woman are now facing charges for assault and damaging the Colombo pageant venue.

Is Jacqueline Fernandez Bengali?

Jacqueline was born to a Sri Lankan father, Elroy Fernandez (Businessman) and Malaysian mother, Kim Fernandez (Air Hostess). She has two elder brothers and one sister. She follows Christianity.

Is Jacqueline Indian?

Jacqueline Fernandez was born on 11 August 1985, in Manama, Bahrain, and was raised in a multi-ethnic family. Her father, Elroy Fernandez, is a Sri Lankan Burgher, and her mother, Kim, is of Malaysian and Canadian descent. Her maternal grandfather is Canadian and her paternal great-grandparents were from Goa in India.

Who was crowned Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2010?

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What is the role of Sri Lanka in Miss Universe?

Miss Sri Lanka has become national franchise holder for Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Tourism International. The 1st Runner-up of Miss Universe Sri Lanka usually represents her country at Miss International. The winner could be competed if designation allows inside by the organizer.

When was the last Miss Sri Lanka pageant held?

In 1997 beauty pageant in Sri Lanka had separated and did not exist at Miss Universe until 2004 where Sri Lanka had no national franchise holder in that period. Shivanthini Dharmasiri is the last Miss Sri Lanka between 1953 and 1996.