Do I need to relight my furnace after a power outage?

Do I need to relight my furnace after a power outage?

Restarting your furnace is common after a power outage, regardless if it was a brief flicker of lights, a brown out or an outage that lasted several hours or days. There are many ways to revive your furnace if simply hitting the reset button doesn’t produce results.

What happens if power goes out to gas furnace?

For the vast majority of homeowners who use a furnace with natural gas for heat, an electrical outage means the furnace won’t work. The furnace’s safety system will not allow it to turn on during an electrical outage. It is not safe to try to rig the furnace for heating, as this can compromise health and safety.

What would cause a gas furnace not to light?

If your gas furnace initiates the start cycle but does not fire up, it’s likely because of a faulty, damaged, or dirty ignitor/sensor. This is a very common furnace problem—you can try to clean the sensor and replace the ignitor.

How do you reset a furnace after a power outage?

All you need to do is go over to your furnace and locate a reset button. It’s typically red or yellow. If it’s been tripped during an outage it will probably be raised. Make sure that you press this button down to make sure that the furnace is ready to run again.

How do you reset heat after power outage?

Just flip each switch at your circuit breaker to “off” to start the reset, then after about a minute, flip them back to the “on” position. Your HVAC system and thermostat should still be set to “off” at this point. Wait for about 30 minutes for your unit to reset, then turn it on with the thermostat.

Where is the reset button on a gas furnace?

Locate the reset button on the furnace and press it to reset the furnace. It is usually located inside the blower compartment on the side of the blower motor. Be cautious as the housing may be hot. If the button is popped up, press it down.

How do you restart a furnace after a power outage?

Does a gas furnace have a reset button?

All furnaces are equipped with a reset button. They are generally red or yellow and are located inside the blower compartment. The reset button is a safety feature that will shut down the furnace when a problem is detected, often a hot or overheating furnace, before it trips the circuit breaker.

Can a power outage damage a furnace?

A power surge can damage an air conditioner or furnace, along with any device or appliance that uses electricity. And, unlike a coffee maker or another small device, those can cost a lot of money to replace. And, events like these, along with power outages, brownouts, and blackouts, don’t discriminate.

How long do you hold reset button on furnace?

Turn the power and main gas supply on the back again. After doing all this, press the reset button, hold for 30 seconds and release it. The furnace will restart, and then you can adjust the thermostat’s setting.