Does AT have a $45 plan?

Does AT have a $45 plan?

AT has a new Unlimited Max prepaid plan with 5G, and it’s available when activated in-store at Walmart for $45 / month. The plan comes with unlimited 5G data, unlimited talk and text, 100GB of cloud storage, HD streaming, and 10GB of available data when using your phone as a mobile hot spot.

Does ATT offer no contract plans?

AT PREPAIDSM monthly plans have no annual contract and no credit check. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited talk and text starting at $30 a month and unlimited data on the $85 or $65 Monthly Plan. We also offer: Other AT PREPAID monthly plans that include unlimited talk and text.

Does AT have a $40 plan?

AT $40 Prepaid Monthly Calling Plan Offers: Unlimited Text, Picture, and Video Messages within the U.S. 15GB High-Speed data in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Roaming in Mexico and Canada for talk, text, and data. At least half of your usage must be within the U.S.

How does Walmart ATT prepaid work?

The new prepaid option costs $45 per month and is an exclusive deal through Walmart. Activate this AT plan at a Walmart store, and you’ll get unlimited talk, text and data, including faster 5G coverage. Other perks include 10GB of hotspot data, 100GB of cloud storage and HD streaming.

Can I buy a phone at Walmart and activate it at AT?

Customers on Walmart can select a carrier (limited to AT at this time but expanding to other carriers in the coming months), select a device, choose a payment plan from AT, receive the device with free two-day shipping, and then activate it following step-by-step activation instructions.

Is there an activation fee for AT prepaid?

You can find phones and wireless plans both in stores and online with AT PREPAID. We make online shopping easy—and there’s no $15 activation fee when you order online. Other advantages include easy activation, multiple plan choices, and monthly AutoPay discounts on our Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans.