Does Celotex need a Vapour barrier?

Does Celotex need a Vapour barrier?

You must use a vapour barrier otherwise warm air, which contains more water than cold, may get through to the cold outer fabric. If it does, and cools, you’ll get condensation.

Does Celotex need to be kept dry?

Celotex insulation boardsmust be protected from prolonged exposure to sunlight and stored dry, flat and raised above ground level (to avoid contact with ground moisture). Where possible, packs should be stored inside. If stored outside, they should be under cover, or protected with opaque polythene sheeting.

Which way should Celotex face?

Fitting the Celotex insulation Face unprinted foil surface towards the air cavity for optimum thermal performance.

Which way round does Celotex go?

Can you lay Celotex on a concrete floor?

As upper mentioned, Celotex GA 4000 insulation boards can have a number of different application, why they can be successfully installed in concrete slab floors, beam and block floors and suspended timber floors, which will all be discussed right here.

Is Celotex OK in the rain?

Is Celotex Waterproof? Celotex is moisture resistant. This means it does not absorb water as it has a closed cell structure. This ensures the thermal performance and durability of the product is retained over time.

How do you fit Celotex between rafters?

How to fit Celotex between rafters in 5 steps

  1. Prepare the roof. Before you start fitting your roof with Celotex, you need to make sure the space is clean and clear first.
  2. Take all the measurements.
  3. Create an air gap.
  4. Cut Celotex boards to size.
  5. Install stop battens.

How do I install Celotex insulation?

Step two: Install Celotex insulation tightly between studs, pushing it up to plywood sheathing. For improved thermal performance, place the unprinted foil surface face against the air cavity within the studwork. Step three : Cut leftover boards for infill panels; use cut-offs where possible and make sure there are no air gaps in the wall abutment.

Is Celotex GA 4000 the right wall insulation for me?

If you are dealing with a solid masonry wall, with no wall cavities (thus cannot be insulated internally, but only externally), and are looking for a solution that will not influence the size of your interior space which is generally the case with external wall insulation, then Celotex GA 4000 can be the right thing for you.

How to fix Celotex sheet to external sheathing?

Step one : Fix Celotex sheet to external sheathing using galvanised clout nails – 400mm centres in the centre of the board and 300mm centres around parameter. Face unprinted foil surface towards the air cavity for optimum thermal performance. Ensure to carefully align fixings with underlying studs, sole plates and head rails.

What is the Celotex Handy Guide?

The Celotex Handy Guide is an essential tool that includes easy-to-use U-value calculation tables, product summaries, specific application guides, detailed illustrations, and clear installation guidelines. Download the latest version below now!