Does Cocoa Beach have nice beaches?

Does Cocoa Beach have nice beaches?

These are the perfect beaches for family day trips, especially if you happen to be visiting a theme park in Orlando. The Cocoa Beach beaches, listed here from north to south, range from popular and lively to private and hidden.

Which part of Cocoa Beach is the best?

A favorite spot among visitors and locals include the Westgate Cocoa Beach Pier. Spend your day at the beach, next to the pier, and enjoy the pier’s convenient accommodations like bathrooms, showers and food options.

Which beach is better cocoa or Clearwater?

If you want surfing or more active water, then Cocoa Beach has more to offer, but if you’re looking for calm water than you can see through like glass, then Clearwater makes the best option.

Is Cocoa Beach a popular beach?

Cocoa Beach is located in Brevard County Florida, and is the closest beach to Orlando, making it a popular tourist destination for visitors to theme parks in Orlando including Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld.

Does Cocoa Beach have white sand?

I think you’ll enjoy the diversity of beach sand found all over Florida and will appreciate that a beach doesn’t have to have white sand to be beautiful. Cocoa Beach has a light gray-brown colored sand and is one of the most popular family vacation beaches in Florida.

Is the water at Cocoa Beach Clear?

Water color depends on many weather factors (wind, clouds, churning up of the water brings bottom particles up), so…in general it’s nice dark blue to turquoise in color, and semi clear at the shore/sand intersection.

Is the water blue in Cocoa Beach?

Are there alligators at Cocoa Beach?

Alligator Viewing Perhaps the most popular animal that visitors wish to see in the wild when they visit Cocoa Beach is the American alligator. While it can be scary running into one in the wild, they are easily seen when you book a nature tour on the St. Johns River or Indian River Lagoon.

Is the water in Cocoa Beach Clear?

What beach has the prettiest water in Florida?

Destin. Destin is commonly referred to as the Florida beach with the clearest water. Why this beach in particular? It’s because of the Choctawhatchee Bay just beyond the beach that acts as a filtration, taking in the darker sediment and leaving clear waters atop Destin’s fine quartz sand.

What beach in Florida has the prettiest water?