Does drip edge go over siding?

Does drip edge go over siding?

A furring edge is a strip of one-by-two wood you install on the vertical surface of the house just beneath the roof’s edge. When you install the drip edge over this strip, it keeps the lower flange further from the home’s siding, which helps to keep water further from the home.

How do you install flashing under existing siding?

Nail the siding, stopping before placing the final nail at the end. Slide half of the piece of pan flashing, oriented vertically, under the end of the siding. Make sure the bottom of the flashing does not emerge at the bottom of the lap siding. Secure the flashing and the siding by fastening them to the structure.

How do you install flashing under siding?

How do you install Z flashing for siding?

Slide the widest edge of a Z-flashing strip behind the upper siding panel. The Z-flashing resembles the letter “Z” from the side and comes in strips about 10 feet long. When the upper part of the flashing is in place, the rest of the flashing will fit snugly along the top and the front of the lower panel.

How do you install flashing at the bottom of siding?

Does Ice and water Shield go over or under drip edge?

Ice and water protector needs to be installed directly onto the roof deck after you have placed the drip edge at the eave. (The drip edge will be installed over the ice and water protector and other underlayments at roof rake edges.)

Does drip edge go under tar paper?

Does Drip Edge Go Over or Under Felt? According to most building codes and manufacturer recommendations, the drip edge should be installed beneath the underlayment along the eaves of the roof. But over the underlayment along the rake edges of the roof.

Should flashing go under siding?

In certain instances flashing may need to be installed on the exterior of siding. However, in most instances, step flashing should be installed “behind” siding. It is always recommended to install step flashing behind stucco, Dryvit, wood panel, lap siding, vinyl siding, cedar shingle siding, etc.