Does Gemfile order matter?

Does Gemfile order matter?

Edit: As per Matt’s answer, depending on what you’re trying to do (or what gems you’re loading) the order MIGHT matter. See Even with bundler your gem order can be significant.

What is Rmagick gem?

RMagick is an interface between Ruby and ImageMagick.

How do I install Rmagick gem?

Installation of the rmagick gem Open a new command prompt. Install the gem by running bundle install . Note: bundler remembers the list of groups to skip set with –without option. If you have already run bundler install –without rmagick , you’ll need to modify redmine\.

Is Ruby require case sensitive?

Ruby identifiers are case sensitive. It means Ram and RAM are two different identifiers in Ruby. Ruby identifier names may consist of alphanumeric characters and the underscore character ( _ ).

How do I check imagick version?

The Imagick::getVersion() function is an inbuilt function in PHP which is used to get the ImageMagick API version.

  1. Syntax: array Imagick::getVersion( void )
  2. Return Value: This function returns the ImageMagick API version.
  3. Program 1:

How do I install Rmagick on Windows?

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  1. Download the binaries on the PECL page (look for the “DLL” links). alternative listing (more direct access, same files)
  2. Open the archive, copy all the *. dll files to the “php\ext” directory.
  3. Add the extension to your php. ini: Usually you should add extension=php_imagick.
  4. Restart web server.

Which programming languages are not case sensitive?

In programming languages Others are case-insensitive (i.e., not case-sensitive), such as ABAP, Ada, most BASICs (an exception being BBC BASIC), Fortran, SQL (for the syntax, and for some vendor implementations, e.g. Microsoft SQL Server, the data itself) and Pascal.

Are paths case sensitive?

Yes. Windows (local) file systems, including NTFS, as well as FAT and variants, are case insensitive (normally).

How do I add Imagick to PHP?

How do I install Imagick on Windows 10?

Install the ImageMagick PHP extension in Windows

  1. Determine the PHP version: php -i|find “PHP Version”
  2. Determine the thread safety. php -i|find “Thread Safety” You’ll have enabled for thread safe or disabled for not thread safe.
  3. Determine the architecture. php -i|find “Architecture”