Does Toyota have a station wagon?

Does Toyota have a station wagon?

Thanks to the popularity of compact wagons in other markets, Toyota had a station-wagon version of the Corolla handy, and the marque offered this useful little mini-hauler in America right up until 1997. When a new Corolla made its debut for 1998, it was nearly identical to the car it replaced—but the wagon was gone.

What’s the name of the Toyota station wagon?

Toyota Caldina
Class Compact car
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive Front-engine, four-wheel-drive
Predecessor Toyota Corona wagon/van (T170) Toyota Carina Surf/van (T170)

Which generation of Toyota Corolla is the most reliable?

Which Year Of Corolla Is Most Reliable? The most reliable model has been the 1997 model of the Toyota Corolla. This model is over 20 years old and is still running in the cities today speaks for itself.

What kind of car is a Toyota Corolla E70?

The Corolla E70 was the fourth generation of cars sold by Toyota under the Corolla nameplate. The fourth-generation model released in 1979 in Japan, was boxy and was the last generation to have the entire lineup in rear-wheel-drive.

Is the Toyota Corolla wagon still available in Japan?

At the same time, the Van was no longer available with the 1.6-litre gasoline engine, but the five-door KE73G wagon was introduced as the first Corolla Wagon to be sold in Japan (rather than the “van” commercial car). The Van/Wagon continued to be offered until August 1987, skipping the first front-wheel-drive generation of Corollas.

When did the Toyota Corolla Van Wagon get a facelift?

The Wagon/Van underwent a final light facelift in August 1985, including an upgraded 1C-II engine for the diesels. It also received seats that could be folded nearly flat to make the car beddable, and continued in production until being replaced by the 90-series Corolla Van/Wagon in August 1987. Design work was started in 1974 by Fumio Agetsuma.

When was the 1 millionth Toyota Corolla made?

In 1980 Corolla daily production reached an all-time high, averaging 2,346 units. The one-millionth Corolla was a 70-series, built in February 1983. A limited “One Million Edition” was released in Japan at this time.