Does Turkey accept the CE mark?

Does Turkey accept the CE mark?

Testing, Inspection and Certification Companies selling to the Turkish market must submit evidence of conformity to all relevant regulations (i.e., CE Mark) either by providing a notarized conformity certificate from a notified body or a manufacturer’s issued certificate of conformity.

What is international type approval?

Integrated ITA services ensure quick and successful access to your chosen markets for electrical and electronic (EE) products.

What is a Type Approval Number?

Type Approval is the confirmation that production samples of a design will meet specified performance standards. The specification of the product is recorded and only that specification is approved. You can find your Vehicle Type Approval Number (TAN) on

What is M1 type approval?

M1 vehicles – passenger cars. M2 and M3 vehicles – buses and coaches. N1 vehicles – light goods vehicles (up to 3,500kgs) N2 and N3 vehicles – heavy goods vehicles (over 3,500kgs)

Is Turkey a CE country?

As Turkey implemented the New Approach (CE marking) directives, it is still undergoing a learning process. Given that there is a full range of products not falling under the CE marking regulations, not all products are required to be CE marked or need to conform to EU standards.

What countries require CE?

Countries That Require CE Marking
Austria Hungary Poland
Czech Republic Liechtenstein Spain
Denmark Lithuania Sweden
Estonia Luxembourg Switzerland

What is EC type approval?

Means the procedure whereby an authority of an EU Member State certifies that a type of vehicle, system, component or separate technical unit satisfies relevant technical requirements and administrative provisions listed in the relative instrument.

How do I find my Type Approval number?

What is a type approval certificate?

The Type Approval Certificate, to be issued by T√úRK LOYDU will state that the requirements as to the product would be satisfied on the condition that the construction conditions under warranty of the Quality Management System are not altered. for the purpose of finding out if the products are made to satisfy requirements.

Do I need a control certificate to import from Turkey?

In accordance with the import regime enacted in December 2011, Control Certificates are required only for animals, animal products, and certain plants such as seeds, seedlings, saplings and flower bulbs. Turkish documentation procedures require that a commercial invoice and bill of lading or airway bill accompany all commercial shipments.

Can I import telecommunications equipment from Turkey without a license?

Under the framework of the EU Customs Union, telecommunications equipment that meets certain conditions such as harmonized frequencies in Turkey can be imported without the approval of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

What documents do I need to import from Turkey?

Import Documentation. Turkish documentation procedures require that a commercial invoice and bill of lading or airway bill accompany all commercial shipments. Depending on the type of product, importers may be required to submit a Certificate of Origin.