How can I get admission in IBA?

How can I get admission in IBA?

The link to IBA Online Admissions System is available on IBA’s website ( To apply online, applicants need to fill out an online Admission Application Form, print a bank challan and take it to the designated bank branches to deposit the admission processing fee.

How much percentage is required for IBA admission?

Admission Requirement. 60% in the last degree (as applicable). Candidates with work experience are preferred.

How much SAT score is required for IBA?

Aptitude Test Exemption BSCS program – SAT I: A score of 670 (out of 800) in Mathematics. A score of 600 (out of 800) in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. Scores of Essay are not required for the purposes of admission, however may preferably be submitted for placement in English courses subsequent to admission.

Does IBA require SAT?

Q: Is it necessary to give the aptitude test and interviews for admission in IBA? A: Applicants with the relevant SAT scores are exempted from the aptitude test, but the group discussion and interview stages are a must for all applicants. However, you still have to pay the application processing fee.

Which university is best for IBA?

It is also the leading business school in the country. Commitment to the highest educational standards distinguishes IBA among the educational institutes in Bangladesh….About.

Address Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka, Dhaka – 1000 Bangladesh.
Type Private

Is IBA or LUMS better?

Sleep deprivation at IBA may single-handedly drive the institution’s case to elevation to university status, assuming LUMS takes over the responsibilities of the HEC. IBA students are apparently preferred by employers because of their ability to put their head down and work even the most repetitive of tasks.