How can I get certificate attested from Pune university?

How can I get certificate attested from Pune university?

  1. 1) Enter Name of Certificate to be attested.
  2. • Fill Details of Envelope.
  3. Select another Certificate Name and Number of Copies to insert in Same Envelope.
  4. Click on Save Envelope button.
  5. Insert New Certificate Details For Selected Certificate Name.
  6. Click on Save All and BackButton to further process.

Can Pune university send transcripts to WES?

Yes, there is a system of sending transcripts from Pune University directly to the WES Address. It is best that you refer to the procedure listed below, given the documents required to obtain the transcripts meet, All year marksheet. Degree.

Does Pune university provide electronic transcripts?

Yes, Pune university sends transcripts to WES. You will have to register on WES website and send us WES academic request form.

What documents are required for transcripts Pune university?

Documents Required

  • Online Application Form.
  • Attested Xerox copies of all years Statement of Marks of Pune University for concern years (ATTESTATION IS COMPULSORY).
  • Online Payment Receipt / Bank Challan Paid Receipt.

What is attestation certificate?

Certificate attestation is the process of verifying documents when a person is travelling to foreign countries. For international usage of documents the procedure of certificate attestation becomes necessary. Every individual who is traveling outside the country for different purposes has to do certificate attestation.

Is Pune university Recognised in Wes?

No. Pune university do not send transcript to WES address. I have used MailTranscripts services to obtain transcripts from Pune university. They are well versed with WES requirement.

Does Pune university send transcripts to Iqas?

Applying Transcripts from Savitribai Phule Pune University ( SPPU) Name Correction in Marksheets or Degree Certificate. Duplicate Mark sheet & Degree Certificate (in case of lost or damaged) for all courses. Sending the transcripts to WES/ICAS/IQAS/CES or any other organisation as per their guidelines.

Is Pune university Recognised in WES?

How do I get transcripts from Pune University?

1. The students who want to apply for Transcript certificate should apply online on University of Pune Website – Certificate Section- Transcript. 2. Students are required to download & fill the Transcript application form on same website.