How deep can a U17 dig?

How deep can a U17 dig?

Compare with these similar machines:

U17 Zero Tail Swing Compact Excavator U15 Zero Tail Swing Compact Excavator
Blade Drop Below Ground 7.5″ 7.1″
Operating Weight 3814 lbs 3704 lbs.
Digging Depth 7′ 7″ 7′ 7″
Digging Depth – Vertical 6′ 3″ 6′ 3″

How much can a Kubota U17 lift?

3,417.2 lbs
The U17 has the power you need for heavy loads and tough excavating jobs, a breakout force of 3,417.2 lbs, with the dedicated bucket and quick coupler. Excellent lifting capacity for digging, lifting, and loading is provided by a powerful and responsive front working group.

How much does a Kubota U17 weight?

Kubota U17 Compact Excavator – 4,000 lbs class.

How wide is a u17 Kubota?

The Kubota U 17-3 can be grouped in the smallest machine segment in the mini excavators category. The model’s dimensions are 3.55m x 0.99m x 2.34m.

How much weight can a Kubota mini excavator lift?

The ground-level lift capacity of this mini excavator is 1075kg (2370 lbs.).

How much is a Kubota U17?

Historically Kubota U17-3 models have been listed between $14,500 and $55,000, averaging at $26,274. The current average price of a U17-3 listing is $6,886.

How big is the fuel tank on a mini excavator?


Fuel Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 70 (18.5)
Hydraulic Tank, ltr (gallons (US)) 56 (14.8)
Number Of Batteries 1
Voltage, V 12

How much weight can a 1.7 ton excavator lift?

1.7 Tonne Excavator Kobelco (SK17SR-3/SK17SR-5) Our 1.7 Tonne Kobelco Mini Excavators are one of the smallest in our wide range of excavator fleet. But don’t be fooled by their size, these machines have incredible power, in fact, their operating weight is up to an amazing 1740kg!