How do I delete a team project collection in TFS 2012?

How do I delete a team project collection in TFS 2012?

To delete a team project collection Expand the name of the server, expand Application Tier, and then choose Team Project Collections. In the list of collections, highlight the name of the collection that you want to delete. On the General tab, choose Detach Team Project Collection.

How do I delete a project from TFS Visual Studio?

To completely remove TFS source control binding follow these two steps:

  1. Go to your solution’s folder, find and delete all files with *. vssscc and *. vspscc extensions.
  2. Open your solution’s . sln file in Notepad, and find & remove the GlobalSection(TeamFoundationVersionControl) section.

How do you delete a mapped workspace in TFS?

File -> Source Control -> Advanced -> Workspaces -> Choose the workspace in Manage Workspaces and click “Edit” Then you can change the local folder. Show activity on this post….Follow these steps to remove mapping from TFS:

  1. Open team explorer.
  2. Click Source Control.
  3. Right click on you project.
  4. Click on Remove Mapping.

How do I delete my team account?

Delete your Teams Account

  1. Go to the Admin center.
  2. Move to the Billing section.
  3. From there, click on Teams and select Unassigns licenses.
  4. When that’s done, click on Save and your Teams account will be removed.

How do I delete a project from my database?

To delete a project In Windows Explorer, locate and select the files associated with the project or item you want to delete. On the File menu, click Delete.

How do I clear my TFS workspace cache?


  1. Stop TFS application server.
  2. Delete the folder Drive:\%programfiles%\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 14.0 \Application Tier\Web Services\_tfs_data. ( It’s the default path, if you have configured a specified location, just find it under the specific location.
  3. Start TFS application server.
  4. Done.