How do I embed my Instagram feed on my website for free?

How do I embed my Instagram feed on my website for free?

Here is how to embed an Instagram feed on a website for free:

  1. Create your free account in the EmbedFeed platform.
  2. Pick Instagram as ‘Source’ and connect your Instagram account.
  3. Generate your Instagram feed in an Instagram widget.
  4. And copy/paste the provided code on your website.

How do I add my Instagram feed to WordPress without plugins?

How to Embed an Instagram Post in WordPress

  1. Step 1: Pick the Instagram Post You Want to Display. First, you need to log into your Instagram account.
  2. Step 2: Make a New Page on WordPress. Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Pages » Add New to create a new page.
  3. Step 3: Paste Your Embed Code.

How do I embed a social media post in HTML?

Instagram’s Embedding Feature

  1. Click on the Instagram image you want to embed.
  2. Click the ellipsis (“…”) icon on the bottom-right corner of the post.
  3. Select “Embed.”
  4. Copy and paste the embed code into your website’s HTML editor.
  5. Add and tags around the entire HTML snippet to center-align the post.

How do I embed Instagram into WordPress?

The first is the easiest, and requires only the Instagram post’s URL. To do this, find the video you’d like to embed from Instagram, and click the timestamp at the bottom to open it in a new tab. Then, simply copy the URL from the address bar, and paste it into the WordPress editor.

How do I add social media to my website?

Follow these easy steps are:

  1. Select the webpage where you want to display your social media feed.
  2. Now click on the Add Element button.
  3. Now click on More elements.
  4. Choose Widget/HTML.
  5. Paste your social feed code into the code field.
  6. End up by clicking on Save Button.

How to embed your Instagram feed on your website?

To start,open your Instagram business app in the browser

  • Open the image you want to embed and choose the 3 dots menu in the upper right corner
  • Choose the option ‘ Embed ‘ and copy the code
  • Open your WordPress editor and go to the page where you want that post to appear
  • How to embed Instagram feed widget on website?

    Create A Free Account

  • Collect Instagram Feeds Using#hashtag,@mentions,tags,etc.
  • Customize&Moderate Instagram Feeds
  • Copy The Embed Code&Paste It In The ‘ Code’ Section
  • Lastly,Paste The Embed Code,&Save Changes&You’re Done
  • How to embed Instagram feed on website for free?

    Log in to your Instagram account using any web browser,not the app

  • Go to your profile and select the post you want to embed
  • Click on the three dots on the upper right corner of the post
  • Select on the Embed option on the drop-down menu
  • Copy the embed code
  • Log into your site as an admin
  • Copy the code on the post or page you want it to appear in
  • Voila!
  • How to include Instagram on your website?

    Emphasize the See More link with the highlighter and pen tools.

  • Use stickers and GIFs to point to the link,announce a new post,or encourage users to swipe up.
  • Take a photo or video of someone from your team pointing to the link.