How do I fix error P0133?

How do I fix error P0133?

What repairs can fix the P0133 code?

  1. Usually a replacement of the oxygen sensor will fix the P0133 code.
  2. At times the sensor itself will not be causing the code P0133, so a technician must check for other faults such as vacuum leaks, a dirty mass air flow sensor, or leaks in the exhaust system.

Can you drive with a P0133 code?

Like with most O2 sensor problems, you can most likely keep driving with a P0133 code, but you’ll want to get it fixed. You’ll be using more fuel and won’t have a chance of passing an emissions test if required in your area.

How do you fix a low O2 sensor?

Repair any exhaust leaks before the sensor to prevent excess oxygen getting into the exhaust stream causing the low voltage readings. Check the O2 sensor for oil or coolant contaminants that could foul the sensor. Repair any harness that is damaged properly to prevent erratic readings from the sensors.

What causes a P0133 code?

Code P0133 is triggered when the voltage output that your O2 sensor is meant to send to your ECM does not change quick enough in relation to the air to fuel ratio when you press on the gas pedal.

What does the P0133 code mean?

The code P0133 indicates your vehicle’s oxygen sensor is having a problem. This sensor monitors how much oxygen comes out of the engine and transmits this information to your vehicle’s computer.

What does engine code P0133 mean?

How can a slow responding O2 sensor affect the catalytic converter?

Codes P0160 to P0166 for no O2 Sensor activity can indicate an issue with the circuit or the sensor is so contaminated the sensor no longer generates a voltage. If the source of the contamination is far enough upstream, not only will the oxygen sensors be contaminated, the catalytic converters will be contaminated.

How do you check an O2 sensor?

How to test an Oxygen Sensor with a Clamp-meter

  1. Make sure the engine exhaust system is cold.
  2. Switch the clamp-meter on, to ‘DC current/DC amperage’ mode.
  3. Put the clamp around either of the oxygen sensor heater power wires (but not both).
  4. Turn the engine on.
  5. Observe the reading, which should be between 0.25A and 1.5A.