How do I make text scroll in PowerPoint?

How do I make text scroll in PowerPoint?

How to Scroll Text in Microsoft Powerpoint

  1. Place the text box where you want the animation to take place. Insert the desired text.
  2. Click anywhere inside the text box.
  3. Click on the “more animations” button.
  4. Select “more entrance effects.” The scrolling text animation, Credits, is listed under the “Exciting” section.

Can you make a scrolling text box in PowerPoint?

Drag with your mouse the size box you want. Click on the properties button, click on MultiLine and choose true. Click on EnterKey behaviour, change to true. Click on Scrollbars and change accordingly, if you want both horizontal and vertical scrollbars choose 3.

How do you move text in PowerPoint 2007?

Working with animation effects

  1. Select the text box or text you want to animate on the slide.
  2. Select the Animations tab.
  3. Click the Animate drop-down menu in the Animations group to see the animation effects for the selected text. The effects vary based on the selected item.
  4. Select an animation effect.

How do you make a text box scroll?

Right-click the control for which you want to set a text-scrolling option, and then click Control Properties on the shortcut menu. Click the Display tab. In the Scrolling list, click the text-scrolling option that you want.

How do you move words around in PowerPoint?

To move in small increments, press and hold Ctrl while pressing an arrow key. And to move the object horizontally or vertically only, press and hold Shift while you drag it. Depending on how far you’re moving the WordArt, shape, or text box, it might be easier to cut and paste it.

How do you animate in PowerPoint 2007?

(Archives) Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: Using Animation

  1. From the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, select NORMAL.
  2. Select the slide to which you want to apply an animation.
  3. Select the object you want to animate.
  4. From the Animations tab, in the Animations group, from the Animate pull-down list, select an animation.