How do I practice on GoToWebinar?

How do I practice on GoToWebinar?

From the Dashboard, find the event you’d like to practice. There are two ways to begin practicing: Click the More icon and click Practice. Open the Event Details, click the More icon and then Practice.

Is GoToWebinar easy to use?

GoToWebinar is a simple and easy to use virtual technology platform and a good choice for hosting webinars. They’re great for seminars, presentations and virtual conferences with up to 1,000 participants at a single event.

Can I be seen on GoToWebinar?

Will GoToWebinar or anyone be able to see what is on my screen? No. Attendees’ screens are not seen. However, the presenter’s screen will be seen by the attendees.

How do I turn my webcam off on GoToWebinar?

In the Viewer, click the Stop icon at the top of your webcam box in the Viewer. In the Viewer, click the Webcams drop-down menu and select Stop Sharing My Webcam.

How do I start a video on GoToWebinar?

Sign in to your account at

  1. Schedule a new webinar event or open an existing one.
  2. Open the “Engage Your Attendees” section and click + Videos.
  3. Drag and drop .

Does GoToWebinar have video?

How is GoToWebinar video conferencing different? We provide the highest resolution video conferencing quality currently available among web conferencing providers – up to 25 streams at 640p x 480p for a maximum resolution of 1920p x 960p.

What is GoToWebinar used for?

GoToWebinar is used for hosting one-way interactive webinars, where the host does all the talking. GoToMeeting is used for multi-way video meetings calls, where everyone can use their microphone to speak.

Can GoToWebinar see my camera?

Re: Using a webcam within a webinar GoToWebinar should recognise your webcam and allow you to show it during a GoToWebinar. GoTo assumes that you will be also sharing a screen, so for the attendees, the webcam is along side the screen image. Each attendee has the ability to resize the screen image and webcam image.

Can attendees Chat in GoToWebinar?

GoToWebinar attendees can only post questions in a webinar, they do not have the ability to chat unless the organizer chats directly to them, at which point you can reply. Only the webinar organizer/presenter and panelists are able to chat with each other.

How do you answer questions in GoToWebinar?

Answer your attendee’s questions

  1. In the Questions pane on the Control Panel, select the Question you’d like to answer.
  2. Type your response in the text field, or use the drop-down menu to respond, and click Send Privately to send the answer to the attendee only or Send to All to send the answer to everyone in the session.

How do I see all participants in GoToWebinar?

The People pane displays all your meeting participants and gives you access to GoToMeeting controls. Click the Arrow icon next to any participant’s name to see all options, including the following: Mute their audio. Promote them to Presenter or Co-organizer.