How do I register my APHA horse?

How do I register my APHA horse?

To list a stallion with APHA, a Stallion Listing Card must be completed and signed by the recorded owner of the sire at the time of breeding. A photocopy of the AQHA or JC registration certificate (front and back, showing complete ownership record) must be sent to APHA.

How much does it cost to register APHA?

Full-Conference Registration Rates

Regular, Agency Individual and Company/Consultant Individual $570 $645
ECP , Discounted Regular and Retired Members $360 $435
Student Member $255 $290
Non-Member $895 $970

How long does it take to get APHA papers back?

6. Mail the original registration papers, signed transfer report and payment to APHA. Transfers are usually completed within 2–4 weeks after being received by APHA; email copies are not accepted.

How do I register my colt with AQHA?

Once you are signed in, click on Members in the top right on Click on Registration under Ownership to begin! Link your membership as the owner of the dam at time of foaling or owner of the foal at time of breeding if the foal was the result of embryo transfer. Date foaled.

How long does it take to get horse registration papers?

A: Your request for a recording, transfer, name change, or lease registration will go into effect the day the paperwork and fees are received by the USEF office. The process can take up to 30 business days in order for the request to be processed and for a new certificate to be printed and mailed.

Can I register my APHA horse AQHA?

To be eligible for registry with APHA, horses must meet both bloodline and color requirements. First, both a Paint’s sire and dam must be registered with the American Paint Horse Association, the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) or the Jockey Club (Thoroughbreds).

Can a solid Paint horse be registered AQHA?

Some Solid-Bred Paints Now Eligible for Regular Registry – Quarter Horse News. Solid Paint-Bred horses that do not have the qualifying white exhibited by this horse may still qualify for APHA Regular Registry status under a new rule that goes into effect in April, 2021.

Can you register a horse with no papers?

In case no paperwork is available on your horse. You can use the registration application of AQHA. What you need to do when registering for your horse is to collect the signature of the owner of your horse at the time she was bred.