How do I renew my Sharjah PO Box online?

How do I renew my Sharjah PO Box online?

Customers can simply renew subscriptions via several convenient ways including the Emirates Post website (, Emirates Post mobile services app or at Emirates Post Customer Happiness Centres.

How do I renew my UAE PO Box?

Customers can renew their PO Box at any Emirates Post Customer Happiness Centre, via the website or the EPG Mobile Services app. Customers have the opportunity as from now to subscribe for three years instead of one.

How do I renew my PO Box online?

Online with a credit or debit card. Go to the PO Boxes Online application and click “Renew” to go to the “Manage PO Box” page. Then, click “Renew PO Box” to make a one-time payment. This feature is available 30 days before your next payment is due.

What is the P.O. Box of Sharjah?

Current and historical list of public PO box numbers (confirm accuracy direct with EPG)

Emirate or City 2003 list 2016 list
Ras Al Khaimah CPO PO Box 999988 30999
Sharjah CPO PO Box 555588 32223
Umm Al Quwain CPO PO Box 777788 660
Collection fee per item AED 0.50-3 AED 5-10

What is P.O. Box in UAE?

You can choose between a personal PO Box or a corporate PO Box to rent. For a personal post box, you have two choices: MyBox or MyHome. The MyBox service starts from AED 300 per year, and will provide a post box at one of the Emirates Post locations of your choice.

How much is a P.O. Box Emirates Post?

The annual corporate P.O. Box rental charge in the UAE starts at AED 900, excluding the AED 100 registration fee. For a MyBox or MyHome post box, you can expect the annual rental fee to start from AED 300 and AED 995 respectively.

How can I pay my P.O. Box online in Dubai?

Customers can renew or apply for a PO Box subscription online via the website or the Emirates Post mobile app. The services are also available at any Customer Happiness Centre.

What is the PO Box of Sharjah?

What is PO Box in UAE?

What is my postal code UAE?

There isn’t anywhere in Dubai or UAE that uses a zip code or postcode for mail delivery. Try 00000 if you are forced to use one.

How can I check a PO box?

To check it out, go to and click on Go under “Locate a Post Office Box” on the right-hand side. When you enter a ZIP Code or address to locate an available P.O. Box, you receive a list of the closest Post Offices along with P.O. Box information for each office.