How do I reset my HP DeskJet 6940 printer?

How do I reset my HP DeskJet 6940 printer?

Push down and hold the Report Page button. Press the Cancel button three times while holding the Report Page button. Release the Report Page button. Your printer is reset to factory defaults.

Why is my HP Deskjet Printer not printing?

You need to ensure your HP printer has enough paper, ink, or toner, and it is not stuck on paper jam. Also, check the status of your printer cartridge and try replacing it with a new one if it is not good enough. In some cases, your HP printer stops printing after you replace its parts.

How do I print a test page on my HP DeskJet 6940?

Printing a customer support diagnostic test page

  1. Press and hold the Power button.
  2. While holding the Power button, press the Cancel (X) button, and then release both buttons.

How do I setup my HP DeskJet 6940?

HP Deskjet 6940 Printer Series – Setting Up the Product (Hardware…

  1. Step one: Check the contents of the box.
  2. Step two: Remove packing material.
  3. Step three: Install the optional accessories.
  4. Step four: Connect the supplied power cord and adapter.
  5. Step five: Turn on power.
  6. Step six: Load plain paper in the main tray.

How do I clean the printhead on my HP DeskJet 6940?

Click the Services tab and then click Service this Device. The printer Toolbox displays. On the Device Services tab, click Clean the Print Cartridge(s). Click Clean, and then follow the onscreen instructions.

Why is my HP printer not printing properly?

Overuse/Underuse of Printer. If you use the printer too often,it can lead to printers overheating.

  • Paper Jams. If the papers are not placed correctly in the paper trays,the printer can be clueless and get stuck and stop printing.
  • Dry Ink Cartridges.
  • Outdated Printer Driver.
  • Printer Queue.
  • Incorrect Printer.
  • Corrupted Files.
  • How do you change the ink level in hp 6940?

    Print quality – if you are unhappy with the quality of your printouts,try increasing the print quality.

  • Paper type – if one of the options matches your paper type exactly,choose it rather than Automatic.
  • Paper size – make sure this matches the paper in the printer.
  • Orientation – select Landscape or Portrait.
  • How to fix my HP printer not printing color correctly?

    – Clean the printhead. – Check the paper. – Check the print settings. – Print a Print Quality Diagnostics report.

    What are the HP printer troubleshooting steps?

    – Click Start then Settings. – Next, Select Apps. – Scroll down and locate any installed HP software related to your printer. Click it once to select it, then click on Uninstall. – Carefully read any prompts in case there are special instructions. – Windows may require that you reboot to complete the uninstallation process.