How do you get a jukebox to work in Minecraft?

How do you get a jukebox to work in Minecraft?

In order for players to play music discs in the current build of vanilla Minecraft without mods, they’ll need to craft a jukebox to place the disc in. Jukeboxes are crafted using eight wooden planks of any type and one diamond, and will play music discs that are placed within until the song ends or the disc is ejected.

What is the point of a jukebox in Minecraft?

A Jukebox is a block in Minecraft that can be used to play Music Discs. There are 15 different discs that can be played and the music can be heard about from 70 blocks away. The Jukebox has the same texture as a Note Block on it’s sides and can be crafted using a Diamond and 8 Wooden Planks, as shown above.

Why can’t I hear music from my jukebox in Minecraft?

Assuming that you got Minecraft before 2017, the reason why is because Pocket Edition got its soundtracks and discs in its 1.0 update in 2017. Users who had PE before 2017 had to download a separate “module” for the game for the sounds to load. Even by updating Minecraft PE, you can’t hear the ambience or music discs.

How does a jukebox work?

A jukebox is a partially automated music-playing device, usually a coin-operated machine, that will play a patron’s selection from self-contained media. The classic jukebox has buttons, with letters and numbers on them, which are used to select a specific record. Some may use compact discs instead.

How do you make a Pigstep in Minecraft?

The only way to obtain pigstep music disc is through looting chests inside bastion remnants. A generic bastion chest has around a 5% chance to generate with a pigstep music disc inside. Due to such low rates, players may have to go on a bastion hunting spree to find a pigstep music disc.

How do you make a jukebox work in Minecraft PE?

How To Make A Jukebox In Minecraft

  1. 3.1 1. Open Your Crafting Menu.
  2. 3.2 2. Add The Wood Planks And Diamond To The Menu.
  3. 3.3 3. Move The Jukebox To Your Inventory.

How do you make a music disc in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a music disc (C418 – blocks) is an item that you can not make with a crafting table or furnace. Instead, you need to find and gather this item in the game. Most commonly, you can find this type of music disc inside a chest in a dungeon. TIP: A creeper will drop a music disc if it is killed by a skeleton.

How to make a Minecraft Jukebox?

Power a Jukebox with Redstone to make the song loop. I love to use a Jukebox in my home and collect music discs to play in them. They can create such a nice atmosphere, yet they’re so limited–you can’t loop the music. I’d love to be able to have a musical aura around some of my builds.

How do jukeboxes work Minecraft?


  • Mellohi.
  • Chirp.
  • Ward.
  • Stal.
  • Strad.
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  • Cat.
  • Can you make a jukebox repeat in Minecraft?

    this will only work for a jukebox on a hardcoded position, but it would work like this: first you testforblock at the selected x y z coordinate, and check the datatag to see which disk is inside. Then, set up a looping timer that runs as long as the song is. Then play the song again using /playsound. level 1. bugmcw.

    What is the crafting recipe for a jukebox?

    Wooden planks: The first thing we need for making a jukebox is eight wooden planks.

  • Iron pickaxe: After wooden planks,you will need a diamond.
  • Cobblestone: After wooden pickaxe,it is important to go mining for some cobblestone.
  • Iron pickaxe: It is time,e to craft the iron pickaxe.
  • Diamond: After crafting an iron pickaxe.