How do you solve the safe puzzle in Silent Hill 2?

How do you solve the safe puzzle in Silent Hill 2?

The player receives a code with some normal numbers and some Roman numerals. Once again, the code is random and the following is just an example of a code: 11 >> X2 << 7 >> 3. If this were the code, the player would turn the dial to 11. They would then press right until 12, which is X2 (X=10, 10+2=12).

How do you get the old man coin in Silent Hill 2?

The Coin [Old Man] is found in a garbage bag in the Wood Side Apartments. The garbage bag will be stuck in the second floor garbage shoot until you use the Canned Juice to knock free. Exit out the front door and look in the garbage pile to find the Coin.

Where are the coins in Silent Hill 2?

the Blue Creek Apartments
In order to solve this puzzle, you must find three coins in the Blue Creek Apartments and the Wood Side Apartments. They are the Coin [Prisoner], Coin [Old Man], and Coin [Snake].

Where do I use the Lyne House Key?

Lyne House Key is found in Apartment 105 of the Blue Creek Apartments. You can only get it after solving the Coin Puzzle. Use it to open Apartment 209.

How do you get the good ending in Silent Hill 2?


  1. Recover your stamina (health) as soon as it drops.
  2. After meeting Maria in Rosewater Park do not head east and do not make Maria tell James which direction the Hotel lies.
  3. Listen to the entire sick in bed conversation of Mary in the last long corridor before the last boss fight.

How do you open the safe in Silent Hill Downpour?

This can be found by using a power cord (found in the drawer of a second floor bedroom) on a kettle in a room near where the power cord was found. Afterwards, use this kettle, and the following code will be revealed: 26381. With the code, go into the bedroom with the safe, and examine it.

What are the coins used for in Silent Hill 2?

The coin is one of three that must be used to solve the Coin Puzzle in Room 105 of the Blue Creek Apartments. The puzzle yields a house key when solved, which can be used to enter Room 209 on the second floor.

How do you open room 109 in Silent Hill 2?

Apartment 109 Inside is a box of Handgun Bullets on the couch living room. Look for a bedroom door and enter it to play a cut scene. After the scene, you’ll get Angela’s Knife. Look on the nightstand by the door for Coin-Prisoner.

Do you have to shoot Pyramid Head?

This encounter is time based, you do not need to inflict a certain amount of damage to progress. However, a few well-timed pistol shots will slow down the Pyramid Head, making it fairly easy to escape this encounter completely unscathed, even in Hard Mode.

Where can I find prisoner coins?

The Coin [Prisoner] can be found in the Blue Creek Apartment building Room 109. The door will be locked until you visit Room 101 in the Wood Side Apartments.

How do you move the clock in Silent Hill 2?

Examine the clock, then use the key from your inventory menu. You’ll open the faceplate, allowing you to change the time. Change the time and you’ll hear a click. Close the faceplate and read the side of the clock to push it away.

Where do you use the apartment Gate Key in Silent Hill 2?

The Apartment Gate Key is found beside a corpse on the north side of Martin Street in the South Vale area of Silent Hill 2. The key opens the front gate to the Wood Side Apartments complex.