How do you use money Whizz?

How do you use money Whizz?

Monkey Whizz Review: Instructions

  1. You have to bring the temperature of the product up.
  2. Then you have to strap the Monkey Whizz urine belt to you, and go and submit your sample.
  3. When you submit your sample, you pull out the tube, turn the tap, and it will silently release the fake urine into the container.

What is the Whizz kit?

The Whizz Kit is the unisex version of the Whizzinator. It is a refillable belt that goes around your waist. The pouch on the bag holds the synthetic urine and once it has been used, you can refill it by simply using a syringe (included with your Whizz Kit). Ready to use right out of the box.

How long is golden flask good for?

a year
The Golden Flask is good for a year after its purchase. However, if the cap is removed the product will expire after 24 hrs. Do not open the cap unless you are planning to use it within 24 hrs. Use it for wet sex and pranks.

How do you use serious monkey business?

How Does Serious Monkey Business Work?

  1. Heat up the fake urine.
  2. Strap on the Serious Monkey Business fake urine container, take a deep breath and go to the testing center.
  3. Perform a final temperature check.
  4. If it is an unsupervised test; great!

Is there a female version of the Whizzinator?

The company also offers a female version of the Whizzinator, called “Whizz Kit”. The difference in the products is the female versions comes with a tube and not a prosthetic penis.

How long does synthetic urine last once heated?

The synthetic urine is unisex and can be warmed up to human temperature with the help of hand warmers. You can also warm it in a microwave and it will stay warm for up to 8 hours – a full day of work.

What temp should monkey Whizz be?

Those things are all that Monkey Whizz contains. For a basic pre-employment drug test, it could be good enough to pass. Here’s how it works when you have a drug test. You hand the sample over, and they check the temperature to see that it’s within the legal permitted range between 90°F and 100°F.