How do you use Nanogen hair serum?

How do you use Nanogen hair serum?

Directions of use

  1. Use Nanogen’s Hair Growth Factor Treatment Serum once daily to aid in healthy hair growth.
  2. Use on dry hair, after styling as normal.
  3. Draw one full pipette by pumping the bulb rapidly.
  4. Optionally, massage the droplets into your scalp and then leave to dry.

What is NanoHair?

NanoHair is hair regrowth serum that promotes new hair formation. Supports inactive hair follicles with various nutrients in order to revitalize them. It’s proven that NanoHair helps to regrow at least 1700 new strands in month if it’s applied correctly.

Which hair Growth serum is best?

These are the best hair growth serums to try, according to experts:

  • Best Clinically Proven: Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam.
  • Best-Selling: EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil.
  • Top Rated: Pura D’Or Hair Thinning Therapy Energizing Scalp Serum.
  • Best for Increased Hair Thickness: Vegamour Gro Hair Serum.

What is Nanogen serum?

Nanogen’s hair growth factor serum has a root lifting viscosity that promotes visibly thicker hair, with the highest levels of nanogen hair growth factor complex available.

What is Capixyl hair?

Capixyl™ is an innovative complex of biomimetic peptide combined with a red clover extract. It targets the main causes of hair loss, providing fuller and thicker hair. HAIR GROWTH CYCLE. The importance of hair in our lives cannot be overstated.

Can Minoxidil thicken hair?

Increases hair thickness and density: In addition to stimulating hair growth and quelling a receding hairline, “Minoxidil can increase the density and thickness of hair,” says Fisher. In other words, strands grow back fuller and healthier.

Does hair growth serum really work?

The unfortunate truth is that hair serums cannot cause lost hair to grow back, or even speed up hair growth for our patients. The rate at which hair grows is genetically predetermined. The exact rate of hair growth varies from one person to another, but the average rate of growth is about half an inch a month.

How do you use a Nanogen hair mask?


  1. Only use once per day.
  2. Draw 1ml into the pipette by pumping the bulb rapidly.
  3. Apply a random pattern of droplets to your dry scalp.
  4. Optional: Massage in.
  5. Leave to dry.

What is Nanogen hair growth serum?

Nanogen Hair Growth Serum Nanogen is a topical hair formula that works similarly to the drug, Minoxidil, which is proven to help re-grow lost hair. Hair strengthening products include sprays and conditioners intended to provide nutrients to hair follicles and strengthen existing hair.

How can Nanogen products help with hair loss?

Using the Nanogen products, an individual has an arsenal of tools to use against hair loss. At the first sign of hair loss, Nanogaine can be used to help restart hair growth in follicles affected by DHT. The other products can be used to keep the scalp clean and provide nutrients to keep existing hair growing strongly.

What is a Nanogen product?

Nanogen is a concealing type of hair product that uses keratin fibres to help build stronger existing hair. The technology is based on the elements of hair fibres, or keratin. When hair is formed inside the hair follicle at the root, proteins and amino acids combine to build layers of hardened material.

What are the side effects of Nanogen hair concealer?

Typical side effects for topical hair products in conditioner or spray form may be itchy, dry scalp, or even rash. The DHT inhibitors if taken orally can cause a loss of libido in men since it affects the male hormone, testosterone. Costs of Nanogen. The cost of the Nanogen hair concealer is relatively inexpensive.