How long does it take to become a peer support specialist NC?

How long does it take to become a peer support specialist NC?

The NC-H.O.P.E. Peer Support Specialist Certification Training Program is a 40-hour training curriculum approved by the state of North Carolina designed help you prepare and apply for NCCPSS Certification. The training program is open to all professional adults seeking to be certified by the state.

What is a NC certified peer support specialist?

The North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist Program provides acknowledgment that the peer has met a set of requirements necessary to provide support to individuals with mental health or substance use disorder.

How much do peer support specialists make in NC?

$21,240 a year
How much does a PEER Support Specialist make in North Carolina? As of May 12, 2022, the average annual pay for a PEER Support Specialist in North Carolina is $21,240 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $10.21 an hour.

How do I become a peer support trainer in NC?

To become a Certified Peer Support Specialist you will need to attend and complete an approved 40 hour course. This page lists upcoming training opportunities from all around the state. NOTE the NC Certified Peer Support Specialist Program ( itself does not administer these trainings or handle registration.

What does a certified peer specialist do?

A peer support specialist is a person with “lived experience” who has been trained to support those who struggle with mental health, psychological trauma, or substance use. Their personal experience of these challenges provide peer support specialists with expertise that professional training cannot replicate.

What do peer support workers do?

Peer support workers are people who have lived experience of mental health challenges themselves. They use these experiences and empathy to support other people and their families receiving mental health services.

What is another name for peer specialist?

Peer support workers may be referred to by different names depending upon the setting in which they practice. Common titles include: peer specialists, peer recovery coaches, peer advocates, and peer recovery support specialists.

Why are you interested in becoming a peer support specialist?

Certified peer support specialists bring a unique perspective to those they serve. They have overcome many obstacles related to mental illness. When they share their lived experience with others who struggle with such obstacles, peers become empathetic mentors who help clients find and maintain their own recovery.

What is required to be a peer support worker?

Skills and personal characteristics needed

  • open, honest and friendly.
  • good communication skills or willingness to develop these.
  • ability to use lived experience in a positive and appropriate way.
  • awareness of own personal recovery journey.
  • willingness to work as part of a team.

Who can be a peer support?

In behavioral health, a peer is usually used to refer to someone who shares the experience of living with a psychiatric disorder and/or addiction. In that narrow context two people living with those conditions are peers, but in reality most people are far more specific about whom they would rely on for peer support.

What does a peer support worker do?

What is it like being a peer support worker?

A peer support worker uses personal experience of mental health to assist others going through a crisis. They communicate their stories skilfully and work with therapists and other mental health professionals to aid their client’s recovery.