How many children does Tanya Zuvers have?

How many children does Tanya Zuvers have?

Ten years ago, three Morenci, Mich. boys– Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner Skelton, ages 9, 7, and 5– disappeared. Ten years later, Tanya Zuvers, their mother, still holds hope.

Did they ever find the 3 Skelton brothers?

Search parties looked for the boys, but they haven’t been found and John Skelton hasn’t told anyone where they actually are or if they are even still alive, aside from his stories of giving them to unknown people.

What year did the Skelton boys go missing?

Alexander, Andrew and Tanner Skelton were reported missing by their mom, Tanya Zuvers, after John Skelton did not return with the boys the day after Thanksgiving in 2010. He claims he gave the boys to an underground group, but Zuvers said she believes her sons are dead.

Did they ever find the Shelton Brothers?

The boys are missing and a group has never been found or come forward. Since then, the father’s stories have changed. John Skelton is currently sitting in a jail cell at Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility in Ionia, Michigan, on an unlawful imprisonment charge.

Where did Skelton boys disappear?

The brothers disappeared in Morenci, a city on the border of Michigan and Ohio, on Nov. 26, 2010. Investigators say on that night the boys’ father, John Skelton, took the boys in the midst of a divorce and custody battle with their mother, Tanya Zuvers.

Is Skelton Scottish?

Northern English: habitational name from places in Cumbria and Yorkshire, originally named with the same elements as Shelton, but with a later change of ‘s’ to ‘sk’ under Scandinavian influence.

Who is John Skelton’s ex-wife Tanya zuvers?

John Skelton claimed he was trying to keep his boys out of harm’s way. Tanya Skelton, who now goes by Tanya Zuvers, was charged with fourth-degree criminal misconduct in the late 1990s for having sex with a 14-year-old boy.

How old is Tanya Skelton?

Tanya Skelton’s birthday is 09/14/1966 and is 54 years old. Tanya calls Morenci, MI, home. Sometimes Tanya goes by various nicknames including Tanya L Zuvers, Tanya L Derby, Tanya Lynn Skelton, Tanya Lynn Zuvers and Tanya L Skelton. He currently works as a Student at Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Tanya’s relationship status is married.

Is Tanya zuvers in a relationship?

Tanya’s relationship status is married. Tanya has many family members and associates who include Beverly Zuvers, Brent Derby, Donald Zuvers, Tennille Mccain and Michelle Skelton. Read Full Summary

What happened to Andrew Alexander Tanner and Tanner Skelton?

On Thanksgiving Day 2010, Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton left with their father, John Skelton, and were never seen again Eight years after three young brothers went missing from their Morenci, Michigan, hometown, questions still loom about their disappearance.