How many FASTags are issued?

How many FASTags are issued?

In a recent notification, the MoRTH confirmed that over 3.54 crore FASTags have been issued as of July 14, 2021. The overall FASTag penetration has gone up to around 96 per cent from 80 per cent, on February 14, 2021, after the declaration of all lanes as FASTag Lanes.

How many FASTags can I buy?

one FASTag
Note: You cannot get 2 FASTag for same vehicle number, only one FASTag is issued per vehicle.

Can I keep 2 FASTags?

No. You will need two separate FASTags for the vehicles. Once Tag is affixed on the windshield of the vehicle, it cannot be removed. If you try to do so, the FASTag will get destroyed and will not work at the toll plaza.

Are FASTags mandatory?

Is it mandatory to have the FASTag? Yes. Since 16 February 2021, the Government of India has made it mandatory for users to have FASTag installed on their four-wheeler vehicles. Without having the FASTag, the user will have to pay double the toll amount.

Who is the owner of FASTag?

National Payment Corporation of India
FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India, operated by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI)….FASTag.

Easy to Cruise
Type Electronic toll collection
Owner National Payment Corporation of India
Parent Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

How do you hide a FASTag sticker?

Apply your double sided tape, and stick that motha’ down. If you have not disassembled your FasTrak use the fastening tape or velcro that came with the tag to stick it to the roof of the dashboard above where the speedometer goes. Replace the speedometer in the same way you removed it.

What happens to FASTag when I sell my car?

If you sell your four-wheeler without removing or closing your FASTag, the new owner of your vehicle will continue to use your FASTag and the money will be deducted from your prepaid wallet.

Can I transfer my FASTag to another car?

As mentioned above the Government of India has issued strict guidelines that a Fastag is only for a particular vehicle and once it is attached to the windscreen of a vehicle for which it is applied, it can’t be used or transferred to another vehicle or car.

Can I drive without FASTag?

However, if you do not have a FASTag on your windscreen starting February 15, you will be violating the norm, this has to pay a hefty fine. You will be charged an amount double that of the toll fee if you do not have FASTag. At present, FASTag is operational at more than 240 toll plazas across national highways.

What is blacklisted in FASTag?

A blacklist of tag means vehicle is not allowed to pay through FASTag at the toll plaza. There are various reason of blacklisting of Tag, i.e. Tag is not having sufficient balance in his FASTag account. In such cases Customer should call his bank toll free call center numbers and get the reason of blacklist.

Who is the developer of FASTag?

FASTag has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) as part of its National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program to offer a nationwide electronic toll solution. FASTag devices are live at 650+ toll plazas across the country and are expected to grow rapidly.

Can FASTag be hacked?

The government has made FASTag mandatory to enhance electronic toll collection, but it is turning out to be a big fraud. Tricksters have apparently found a new way to cheat people through this.