How much are the blue morpho butterflies?

How much are the blue morpho butterflies?

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Mor350 Morpho rhetenor cacica AKA: Electric Blue Morpho $35.95
Mor140 Morpho amphitryon AKA: Amphitrion Butterfly $59.00
Mor190 Morpho deidamia annae AKA: Blue Banded Morpho $13.95
Mor185 Morpho cypris cypris AKA: Cypris Morpho cypris Blue Morpho $90.00

Where can I get a blue morpho butterfly?

Habitat. Blue morphos live in the tropical forests of Latin America from Mexico to Colombia. Adults spend most of their time on the forest floor and in the lower shrubs and trees of the understory with their wings folded. However, when looking for mates, the blue morpho will fly through all layers of the forest.

Can you raise blue morpho butterflies?

Blue Morpho butterflies are farmed raised and then the live pupae are shipped all over the world for butterfly exhibits. Many people raise these butterflies in captivity to be used for collectors in display cases. Their wings are also used to make jewelry.

Can I get a pet butterfly?

Care and housing. Caterpillars make great pets, both for children and for adults. Butterflies are also terrific pets as long as their special needs regarding flying space and food are met.

Is a blue morpho butterfly rare?

In fact, the blue morpho uses structural color to get its particular shade of blue. Blue is actually an extremely rare color in nature. These butterflies have scales that overlap, refracting light similar to a prism.

Are blue morpho butterflies rare?

Can you keep butterflies indoors?

Raising butterflies indoors is just plain fun as well as being educational, organic, scientific, and amazing. I have found that it fascinates people from a range of 18 months old to 80 years old.

Can I keep a butterfly in a jar?

Butterflies have the best chance of survival if you set them free, rather than trying to keep them indoors. If it’s cold outside or you simply want to observe them for a few days, you can keep them inside for a bit. Put them in a huge jar with several sticks, and feed them the sugar solution detailed in the next step.

Why is the blue morpho butterfly so treasured?

The native peoples of the rainforest associate the blue morpho butterfly with many superstitions. The insects are considered to either be evil spirits or wish granters. More butterflies are found in the tropical rainforests than any other part of the world. There is also a species of butterfly known as a White Morpho.

What gives the morpho butterfly its magnificent blue?

” KQED Science host Jenny Oh Hatfield explains the concept of structural coloration, the process that gives the topside of a Morpho butterfly ‘s wings its gorgeous blue color. Morpho butterflies live mostly in the tropics. When resting, they fold their wings up, showing their dark earth-toned undersides.

How many blue morpho butterflies are left in the world?

How many blue morpho butterflies are left in the world? There are also numerous other morpho species, which number 29 in total, including the brown, green and incredibly rare white butterflies. Is a blue butterfly rare?

Where can you buy dead butterflies?

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