How much are Youngblood comics worth?

How much are Youngblood comics worth?

KEY! 1992 IMAGE COMIC, YOUNGBLOOD #1 ROB LIEFELD, PRISTINE MINT WITH CARDS!…Youngblood (1992 1st Series) comic books.

$4 YoungBlood #1 April 1992 VF 1rst Print
$80 Youngblood #1 Apr 1992 CGC 7.0
$100 Youngblood 1 cgc 9.8 wp image 1992

What happened to Youngblood comics?

Youngblood was originally published by Image Comics, and later by Awesome Entertainment. Upon Rob Liefeld’s return to Image Comics, it was revived in 2008, 2012, and 2017. In 2019, Liefeld revealed that he has not owned the rights to Youngblood for several years.

Is Image Comics still around?

It was founded in 1992 by several high-profile illustrators as a venue for creator-owned properties, in which comics creators could publish material of their own creation without giving up the copyrights to those properties….Image Comics.

Status Active
Official website Official website

Is there a Youngblood 2?

YOUNGBLOOD #2 (1992) 1ST APPEARANCE PROPHET & SHADOWHAWK!…Youngblood comic books issue 2.

$8 Youngblood #2A VF; Image | Prophet w/cards – we combine shipping
$110 Youngblood 2 CGC 9.6 1st app Prophet & Shadowhawk Rob Liefeld Cover Image KEY

Who is shadowhawk 1 value?


undefinedundefined Issue: # 1
Cover Price: $2.50
Current Value: $5.00
Searched: 18771
Owned: 1704

Is Rob Liefeld still with image?

In 1996, Liefeld left Image Comics, after acrimonious disputes with his partners led Marc Silvestri and Top Cow to temporarily break away from Image.

Does Rob Liefeld own Deadpool?

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld Returns to Marvel Comics After Acrimonious Disney Split. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld is returning to Disney-owned Marvel Comics after a high profile split with Disney in 2019, according to reports.

How much is Prophet comic worth?


undefinedundefined Issue: # 1
Cover Date: Oct ’93
Cover Price: $2.50
Current Value: $4.00
Searched: 9646

Where was the movie Youngblood filmed?

The filming of Youngblood took place in the east end of Toronto in the summer of 1984. Ted Reeve Arena was used as the setting for the interior of the Hamilton Mustangs home rink while Scarborough Arena Gardens was used for the setting of the arena’s exterior.

Is Youngblood coming back to Image Comics?

Image Comics will no longer publish Youngblood or any involvement. On April 17th 2020, Rob Liefeld announced that he is currently developing a “replacement for Youngblood” in the form of a new creation called ” EKO 92 “.

Who is Youngblood?

Youngblood is a team of government sanction superheroes created by Director Alexander Graves on behalf of the US government after the existence of Operation: Knightstrike, a top secret task force, was broadcast on network television.

Who are the new characters in Youngblood?

Old characters were brought back including Shaft, Badrock, Vogue, Combat and Brahma, while new ones were introduced including Knightsabre, Troll, and trainee recruits Task and Psilence. Issue #9 of Youngblood was an out-of-continuity story written and pencilled by Jim Valentino as part of “Image X Month”, where creators swapped titles.

Why is Youngblood so controversial?

Since Youngblood’s debut as the first comic book published by Image Comics on April 17th 1992, it has gained a controversial legacy over the years for bad artwork, dialogue, storytelling, and later creative disputes from different high-profile comic book writers like Kurt Busiek and Alan Moore.