How much does a passport cost in Montgomery Alabama?

How much does a passport cost in Montgomery Alabama?

Once satisfied, the agency will issue your passport In a timeframe that ranges from 2 to 3 weeks. You will pay $175.00 for a minor and $205.00 for an adult passport.

Where can I get my passport in Montgomery County?

The Montgomery County Clerk’s Office is a full service Passport Agent for the U.S. Department of State.

How do I get a passport in Montgomery AL?

In the case of post office locations, you may schedule an appointment online. Passport applications are processed by routine service in 6 and 8 weeks unless you request expedited services….Montgomery Passport Office List.

Address 135 CATOMA ST
State AL
ZIP 36104

Who can get passport without appointment?

DFA to open all consular offices to walk-in passport applicants

  1. Senior citizens: senior citizen identification card (may be accompanied by one adult)
  2. Pregnant applicants: proof of pregnancy (medical certificate)
  3. Persons with disabilities: valid PWD identification card.
  4. Solo parents: valid solo parent identification card.

Can senior citizen walk-in for passport renewal?

No, unless the applicant is a senior, minor, or PWD which will need further guidance, assistance, and supervision, escorts are not allowed in DFA Consular Offices. Do I have to pay in booking appointment? Passport appointments are free.

Where do I go to get a passport in Alabama?

You can obtain a passport in Alabama at your local post offices, courthouse, county clerk offices and other government appointed facilities. If you find that an application acceptance agent facility is not in your area, you might travel to a larger city for example like Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham, and Huntsville.