How much does a U-Boat cost?

How much does a U-Boat cost?

U-Boat UBOAT CLASSICO U-5365 STAINLESS STEEL PVD 53MM ……Prices at a Glance: U-Boat Watches.

Model/Reference number Price (approx.) Feature(s)
Flightdeck 50 CA, 6248 22,500 USD Chronograph, date, yellow gold case

Are U boats good watches?

U-Boat watches stand out from the crowd. Large cases, left hand side crowns and bold unique design. The quality of materials chosen and the craftsmanship involved creates fantastic watches that are incredibly reliable and highly durable. Making them resistant to the most extreme climatic conditions.

Is U-Boat a luxury brand?

The U-boat watches are made with Swiss movements and are highly durable and very reliable. Like all luxury brands, U-boat has a unique story. Italo Fontana, the grandson of Ilvo Fontana, came across his grandfather’s watch designs in 2000.

What does u stand for in U-Boat?

U-boat, German U-boot, abbreviation of Unterseeboot, (“undersea boat”), a German submarine. The destruction of enemy shipping by German U-boats was a spectacular feature of both World Wars I and II.

Where are u-boat watches made?

About Us – U-Boat. A watch brand, based in Italy, producing from almost 20 years handcrafted and limited edition pieces, all of them designed by Italo Fontana. Unique and tailormade watches, all guaranteed by finest Italian craftsmanship.

What movement do U-Boat watches use?

Swiss movements
Based in Lucca, Italy, U-Boat watches use Swiss movements. U-Boat watches have a truly distinctive look to them that can be spotted from across a crowded room.

Where are U-boat watches made?

Where can I buy a U-boat watch?

However, if you want to pick up your U-Boat model in person, check out the brand’s store locator to find an official retailer close to you. The brand has multiple single-brand boutiques called U-Boutiques. In addition, several multibrand retailers also offer watches for purchase. You can also find new and pre-owned U-Boat watches on eBay.

What is the difference between the U-boat bronze and stainless steel watches?

The stainless steel variant measures at 40mm and the bronze variant is slightly larger at 43mm. The Bronze lineup features two very unique models – The chimera Day-Date model and The Chimera Bronze Chrono. The Day-Date model boasts of being the first U-Boat watch to simultaneously showcase the day and date.

What are the different sizes of U-boat’s?

U-Boat Classico 135.5573 Black PVD Steel 53mm Leather Automati… U-Boat Flightback Eclipse U-2824/50 Black PVD Steel 50mm… U-Boat Dark Moon 44mm Stainless Steel/Rubber Strap Black dial…

Where are U-boat boats made?

Consequently, U-Boat in its twentieth year of existence continues to grow. Based out of Tuscany, the brand currently boasts of presence in sixty key markets. Currently, the brand offers nine very distinct collections to choose from.