How much money do I need for 3 months in Southeast Asia?

How much money do I need for 3 months in Southeast Asia?

Note: To make a relatively accurate budget calculation for your South East Asia trip, plan for $50 – $60 per day for a couple, which equals $1,500 – $1,800/month. Plan on $35 – $40 per day for one person travelling, which equals $1,050 – $1,200/month. Now You Have a Southeast Asia Backpacking Budget!

How much spending money do you need for 3 months in Asia?

Back in 2012, I spent a glorious 8 continuous months backpacking in Southeast Asia on a long-term traveler’s budget. This meant staying in dorms, taking local transport, eating street food, and generally traveling on a shoestring budget….1. Food: $10-$15/day.

1 month $300-$450
3 months $900-$1350
6 months $1800-$2700

How much does it cost to travel Southeast Asia for 6 months?

Average costs for Southeast Asia On a longer trip, plan on spending about $35/day for one person on average, or about $1000/month. That’s traveling as a backpacker, using budget accommodation and eating mainly local food. This number does not count pre-trip expenses.

How can I travel Southeast Asia on a budget?

The easiest and cheapest way to travel around Southeast Asia is by bus. Buses will take you anywhere you want to go, no matter how far. Buses are generally run by a plethora of small operators (there is no version of Greyhound here).

Is Thailand or Indonesia safer?

Safety. Indonesia is a far more elegant place than Thailand and this includes safety. As there’s no public transport in Indonesia, you’ll spend more time in taxis and private cars which keeps you safer. On the other hand, Thailand is known for the craziness of Khaosan Road in Bangkok and for beaches full of pickpockets …

Is Thailand or Maldives better?

Thailand is great for shopping, food, beaches, where Maldives is more for JUST relaxing, snorkeling, eating, limited shopping and huge prices for alcohol. If it is a bucket list I would say Maldives as it can be for pure luxury, romance, exquisite beach sand and crystal clear water, water villas are amazing.

How much does it cost to go to Southeast Asia?

This is a huge budget for this part of the world. We spend $50 – $60/ day as a couple when in SE Asia. We only stay in private rooms with private bathrooms as well. We eat a lot of street food, and have the occasional beer. Your budget will allow you to have a very good time.

Can You Survive a trip to Southeast Asia on a budget?

Some people (including Lonely Planet) may tell you that it’s possible to survive off of less than our suggested budget during a Southeast Asia trip, but that truly is just surviving.

How much would it cost to live in Asia for 6 months?

I’ve worked that out to be $7,360 USD, which is about $1,225 / month for 6 months….which is $40/day. As a couple, we travel on $50 – $60 / day in SE Asia. So you should be fine. Happy travels. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. How’s the budget working out so far!? Sorry for the delay. I’ve worked out that $5,200 AUD is $3,965 USD.

Where are you going in SE Asia for 6 months?

I’m off to SE Asia for hopefully 6 months in July with one of my mates. The countries we are definitely going to visit are Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, and if we have enough time/funds maybe another one or two! I have about £7,000 saved up after flights are taken out.