How much travel does a Commencal Meta have?

How much travel does a Commencal Meta have?

140 mm
As far as the suspension design goes, the Meta TR 29 uses a linkage-driven single-pivot layout to provide 140 mm of rear travel. Depending on the build, you can pair that with a 150–160mm-travel fork.

Who makes Commencal bike frames?

Max Commencal started making BMX bikes for SUNN in 1984. In 2005 Commencal launched the Meta; a bike that has been their flagship model for the past 15 years, and the Supreme DH and Freeride frames.

Is Commencal Meta single pivot?

One thing that is true of all the Commencal bikes is that they’re single pivot. With the relatively long link lengths between pivots we generally see some smooth curves being generated.

How does the Commencal Meta AM climb?

The riding position is central and upright, though you’ll quickly notice that you’ve got a lot of weight on your hands on flat terrain: this bike is clearly designed to ride up steep climbs and blast down even steeper descents.

Where are COMMENCAL bikes made?

Commencal has been making bikes since 2000 in Andorra. In addition to its three-year U.S. base in Carlsbad, it has outposts in British Columbia, Australia and New Zealand. Two other offices are in the works in South America and Africa.

What country are Commencal bikes made?

Anne-Caroline will once again be DH World Champion! COMMENCAL is becoming an international entity, as the sales in France (which are still growing) no longer represent the overall sales. No less than 30 countries import our bikes, directly from Taiwan where they are assembled and stocked.

What country is Commencal bikes from?

The bike company is based in Andorra, a small mountainous country between France and Spain. Commencal leased 8,550 square feet at 150 Capital Drive, in the same office complex as Yeti and Spot.

Who is Dave weagle?

He’s a mechanical engineer who founded plenty of recognizable companies in the bike industry, including Evil Bikes, E*thirteen Components, DW-Link, and Trust. He worked on the design team at Iron Horse Bikes too. Chances are if you’ve ridden a mountain bike in the last 10 years or so, you’ve ridden a Weagle design.

What country are COMMENCAL bikes made?

Is Meta a good bike brand?

Performance of Commencal Enduro Bikes And the Meta AM 29 is seen as an excellent model not only in Commencal’s enduro bike category but also compared with many other enduro models from other well-known brands. The key reason for this is the incredible improvement in the bike’s performance.