How old is Zanetti?

How old is Zanetti?

48 years (August 10, 1973)Javier Zanetti / Age

What age did Zanetti retire?

However, the latter’s career panned out differently, as he returned to his native country almost straight away. Meanwhile, Zanetti retired as a player aged 41, with a teary San Siro crowd there to honour him. As a whole, his career was exceptional.

What teams did Cafu play for?

At club level, Cafu won several domestic and international titles while playing in Brazil, Spain and Italy; he is best known for his spells at São Paulo, Roma and AC Milan, teams with which he made history, although he also played for Zaragoza, Juventude and Palmeiras throughout his career.

Who did Carlos Alberto play?

Carlos Alberto was without doubt one of the best right backs in footballing history, a leader at the teams he played with, Santos, Flamengo, Fluminense, and a leader at the 1970 World Cup alongside Pele and Gerson. Santos FC are saddened by the death of idol Carlos Alberto Torres.

Is Tom Zanetti rich?

Tom Zanetti: the Leeds DJ and Made in Chelsea star now worth over £2 million. Leeds born Tom Zanetti has been everything from DJ, to music producer, to TV and social media personality and now has a net worth of over £2m.

Who is Deacon Zanetti mother?

When Deaconn was just 18 months old, Tom met girlfriend Lizzie Pickavance who “wanted to be mum” to his son, but she tragically died in a car accident in 2010 when Deaconn was just four years old. Tom, now 31, admits that it was tough solo parenting Deaconn, who is now 14.

What is Zanetti’s full name?

Javier Adelmar Zanetti ( [xaˈβje̞ɾ ade̞lˈmar saˈne̞ti]; Buenos Aires, 10 agosto 1973) è un dirigente sportivo ed ex calciatore argentino, di ruolo difensore o centrocampista, vicepresidente dell’ Inter . Ha iniziato la carriera in Argentina, prima al Talleres e poi al Banfield.

What is the story of the Zanetti?

The story begins on 14th June 1911. A train by the name of ‘Zanetti’ leaves Rome with 106 passengers on board. These passengers were mainly tourists who boarded this train for sightseeing purposes on a nearby hill station. Little they knew that the journey they are about to begin has no end and their destination is on the path of unknown.

Did Zanetti come out of the tunnel?

They came out of the opposite side of the tunnel, but with no clue of Zanetti. The tunnel was searched several times after the incident but not even a trace of soot was found inside. Approach of the 2 passengers