Is a 8×8 shed a good size?

Is a 8×8 shed a good size?

8×8 is a great size shed to compliment any yard. Everything you use to service your small, medium or even large yard fits in an 8×8. Your push or riding mower, long handled garden tools, and gardening equipment. It will even hold all the stuff that’s in your garage that shouldn’t be.

What can you fit in an 8×8 shed?

8×8 Sheds

  • Size category: Small.
  • Best uses: Storing weed trimmers, lawn mowers, weed feeders, bicycles, wheelbarrows and potting/gardening equipment.
  • Square footage: 64 sq.
  • Yard size: Small – large backyards.
  • Actual size: 8’W x 8’D (8′ by 8′)
  • Cost: Economical – $999 (do-it-yourself) -$1,999 (installed)

How many square feet is an 8×8 shed?

A nice blend of utility and style, this 8×8 shed offers 64 square feet of storage space for traditional outdoor storage or as a small workspace. 56” wide double doors make it easy to access with lawn mowers, bicycles and other large equipment. The gable window adds design appeal and lets natural light inside without sacrificing wall space.

How much does an 8×8 storage building cost?

Classic Gambrel 8 ft. x 8 ft. Wood Storage Building Precut Kit with 6 ft. Sidewalls with Floor Model# 8×8 CWGB-6-WPC-FK $355900 Storage Capacity (cu. ft.) 512 Maximum Wind Resistance 95 Maximum Roof Load 35 Foundation Foundation Not Included Coverage Area (sq. ft.) 64 ft² LITTLE COTTAGE CO.

What are the dimensions of an outdoor storage shed?

Storage & Organization Outdoor Storage Sheds Wood Sheds Wood Sheds Approximate Width x Depth (ft): 6 x 8 Approximate Width x Depth (ft): 8 x 10 Approximate Width x Depth (ft): 8 x 12 LITTLE COTTAGE CO. With Floor and Runners Without Floor 20ResultsApproximate Width x Depth (ft): 8 x 8

How much does an 8×8 wood shed precut kit cost?

Value Workshop 8 ft. x 8 ft. Wood Shed Precut Kit with Floor Model# 8×8 VWS-WPC-FK $310938 Storage Capacity (cu. ft.) 384 Maximum Wind Resistance