Is a torus fracture a break?

Is a torus fracture a break?

A buckle (or torus) fracture is a type of broken bone. One side of a bone bends, raising a little buckle, without breaking the other side of the bone.

How long does it take for a torus fracture to heal?

It’s also called a torus fracture. These fractures heal faster than complete fractures. But your child will need to wear a splint or cast for at least 3 weeks. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for the fracture to heal.

What is a torus fracture tibia?

Torus or “buckle” fractures commonly occur following trauma in the distal long bones of children at the point of least resistance between the diaphysis and metaphysis of the developing bone as it buckles under the force of an increased axial load.

Do torus fractures need a cast?

These fractures are inherently stable and do not necessarily require a formal cast, unless severe pain or fracture instability necessitates a cast for four weeks. Instead immobilization with a simple wrist brace or removable splint is often preferable.

Why is it called torus fracture?

The term torus is the Latin word meaning protuberance. A torus is the convex portion of the upper part of the base of a Greek column and resembles the appearance of the cortical buckling seen in the “column” of bone which has been fractured in the pattern discussed in this article.

How is a torus fracture sustained?

Torus fractures, also known as buckle fractures, are incomplete fractures of the shaft of a long bone that is characterized by bulging of the cortex. They result from trabecular compression due to an axial loading force along the long axis of the bone.

What causes a torus fracture?

This fracture is a common injury in children. It is often caused from falling on the hand. This fracture causes one side of the bone to bend, but does not actually break through the entire bone.

How hard is it to break your tibia and fibula?

The tibia and fibula are the two bones of the lower leg. It’s unusual to break both bones, even in contact sports like football. It takes quite a bit of trauma to break both of them at the same time. The footage of the Washington Redskins quarterback, Alex Smith, breaking both of these bones is hard to watch.

How is a torus fracture treated?

Your child will have an X-ray that shows a distal buckle (torus) fracture (break). They will be given a Velcro® wrist brace (Picture 1). The Velcro wrist brace is the final treatment for your child’s fracture. They do not need to follow-up with an orthopedic provider.

Is a torus fracture the same as a buckle fracture?

What is the treatment for a spiral fracture of the tibia?

Depending on location and displacement tibial spiral fracture can be treated with immobilization through casting or tibial nailing. Depending on location and displacement tibial spiral fracture can be treated with immobilization through casting or tibial nailing.

What to know about a tibia fracture?

Tibial shaft fractures: Tibial shaft fractures, which occur between the knee and ankle joints, are the most common type of tibia fracture.Some tibial shaft fractures can be treated in a long leg cast. However, some fractures have too much displacement or angulation and may require surgery to realign and secure the bones.

What is a stress fracture of the tibia?

– Pain on the inside of the shin, usually on the lower third. – Symptoms often occur after running long distances. – When pressing in over the area your leg will feel tender and sore. – You may even have swelling over the site of the fracture. – If you have a stress fracture you may also feel a particularly tender spot at the exact point of the stress fracture.

What is the prevalence of tibia and fibula fracture?

We report the results of a three-year study of bifocal fractures of the tibia and fibula, excluding segmental shaft fractures. In our whole series, these formed 4.7% of all tibial diaphyseal fractures. We describe three groups: bifocal fractures of both the proximal and the distal joint surfaces, fr …