Is it possible to climb Anamudi?

Is it possible to climb Anamudi?

You can go for a picnic, or take the safari bus to the viewpoint of Anamudi Peak. You can then explore the area, click photographs or walk your way up towards the peak. And you can comfortably spend about 2-3 hours at Anamudi.

Who climbed Anamudi first?

General Douglas Hamilton from the Madras army is known to be the first person to conquer the Anamudi on 4th May 1862. Anamudi peak is considered one of the most prominent peaks in South India with a height of about 2,479 meters and is also the highest point in the South of Himalayas.

Why the Anamudi is famous?

Anamudi peak is one of only three ultra prominent peaks in South India. It is also the peak with the greatest topographic isolation within India. It is the highest point in India south of Himalayas. Thus it is known as “Everest of South India”.

Is Annamalai and Anamudi same?

Option A- Anaimudi with a height of 8842 feet or 2695 metres is the highest peak in Annamalai hills. The peak is located at the southwestern end of the Annamalai hills. Anaimudi or the Anai peak is the highest peak in the entire southern peninsula. The peak is located at the southern end of Eravikulam national park.

What are the best places to visit near Anamudi?

ALSO SEE – Top 16 Best Places to Visit in Munnar (Download Map & Photos) The eternal beauty of Kundala Lake is another attractive spot near Anamudi. Experiencing the early morning mystic beauty of Top station is the most mesmerizing experience ever.

What is the entry fee for Anamudi National Park?

Entry Fee – There is no entry fee in Anamudi other than for entering Eravikulam National Park entry fee which is 125 Indian rupees per person for Indian Citizens and 420 rupees (6 USD) for Foreign Nationals.

What is the distance between Anamudi and Munnar?

Anamudi to Munnar is at a distance of 11 KM that can be covered in 28 minutes. Anamudi peak can be reached within an hour from Munnar at a height of 2,695 meters above sea level and it is supposed to be the highest peak in the Western Ghats.

Which is the best place for trekking in Munnar?

Anamudi is the prominent trekking expedition spot in Munnar. It is the highest peak outside the mountain ranges of the Himalayas in India. The abundant Blackwood trees and teak trees in the green forest lying around the Anamudi peak make the place more exciting.