Is it possible to get knocked out and not have a concussion?

Is it possible to get knocked out and not have a concussion?

Many people assume that you can only get a concussion if you’re knocked unconscious. But while getting knocked-out can be a sign of concussion, it only happens in less than 10 percent of cases. Everyone should know what to look for in a concussion in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Can you black out without a concussion?

You don’t have to pass out (lose consciousness) to have a concussion. Some people will have obvious symptoms of a concussion, such as passing out or forgetting what happened right before the injury. But other people won’t.

How do I check myself for a concussion?

Look for:

  1. Changes in day-to-day functioning.
  2. Eye pain and/or eye fatigue.
  3. Headache.
  4. Changes in sleep patterns.
  5. Neck pain or stiffness.
  6. Imbalance, dropping things, bumping into things.
  7. Impaired depth perception (having difficulty seeing the distance between two items)
  8. Difficulty remembering things.

Can you diagnose a concussion without imaging?

Concussion can be diagnosed without these studies though a detailed history of symptoms post injury. In addition to the patient history, we evaluate concussions though a comprehensive neurologic exam (including balance and vestibular and visual system assessment) as well as cognitive testing.

How long can you be knocked out before brain damage?

How severe is the brain injury?

Loss of consciousness Post traumatic amnesia
Mild brain injury < 15 mins < 1 hour
Moderate brain injury 15 mins – 6 hours 1 hour – 24 hours
Severe brain injury 6 hours – 48 hours 24 hours – 7 days
Very severe brain injury > 48 hours > 7 days

Do I need a CT scan if I hit my head?

Often, CT scans aren’t necessary. CT scans can show if there is swelling or bleeding in the brain or a fracture in the skull. If you have signs of a serious injury, a CT scan is usually the best first test to diagnose it. Your health care provider will look for specific signs of a more serious problem.

Does getting knocked out cause permanent damage?

When someone is hit hard enough to render them unconscious, the brain can experience permanent damage as it rattles inside the skull. “That twisting and pulling can cause brain circuits to break, or lose their insulation, or get kinked up, and that shuts off parts of the brain,” he said.

What happens if you are unconscious for 30 minutes?

Periods of brief unconsciousness may be associated with concussion. Unconsciousness lasting longer than 30 minutes is thought to indicate a more serious form of brain injury than concussion.