Is Kunal Jaisingh Is married?

Is Kunal Jaisingh Is married?

Bharati KumarKunal Jaisingh / Spouse (m. 2018)Bharati K Jaisingh is an Indian television actress and dancer known for her portrayal of Kiya Gujral in The Buddy Project. Wikipedia

When was Kunal Jaisingh married?

December 20, 2018 (Bharati Kumar)Kunal Jaisingh / Wedding date

What is the age of Kunal jaisingh?

32 years (July 29, 1989)Kunal Jaisingh / Age

Who is Kunal Jaisingh dating?

Ishqbaaaz star Kunal Jaisingh married his 6-year long girlfriend Bharati Jaisingh in December last year. Kunal kept his relationship a secret until he announced and made it official post an engagement ceremony.

What is Rudra Singh Oberoi real name?

Leenesh MattooRudra Singh Oberoi / Played by

Is aneri Vajani married?

Aneri Put up a post on her social media saying that she is single and is not interested in a relationship as of now.

Who is Kunal jaisingh wife?

Bharati KumarKunal Jaisingh / Wife (m. 2018)
Exclusive- Ishqbaaz fame Kunal Jaisingh on celebrating third wedding anniversary: Even now words fall short to frame my love for my wife Bharati. and Bharati completed three years of marital bliss today (December 20). The actor spoke about three years of being married to his best friend Bharati.

What happens to Soumya in Ishqbaaz?

Ishqbaaz: Love triangle to spice up the drama Yes, we will see Saumya coming back on the show and there are many who are delighted. Saumya and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) were the original couple and people adored them. However, her track was cut off abruptly when she decided to leave Mumbai and pursue studies abroad.

Who is Rudra wife in Ishqbaaz?

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, Anika thinks of a way to let Shivaay know that she has helped Veer in swapping the bride. Meanwhile, Om and Shivaay make fun of Rudra.

Are Leenesh Mattoo and Shivani Jha dating?

Yes, Leenesh Mattoo is dating his co-star, Shivani Jha. The two had met on the sets of their show, Brahmarakshas 2 and have been dating for almost a year now as they had hit it off immediately. Leenesh and Shivani had celebrated Diwali 2021 together, twinning in red.

What is the age of Leenesh Mattoo?

29 years (November 13, 1992)Leenesh Mattoo / Age