Is Ling Xiaoyu Japanese?

Is Ling Xiaoyu Japanese?

Ling Xiaoyu (Chinese: 凌曉雨; pinyin: Líng Xiǎoyǔ; Japanese: リン・シャオユウ, romanized: Rin Shaoyū) is a fictional character from the Tekken franchise by Bandai Namco Entertainment. Following her debut in Tekken 3 (1997), she has appeared in every subsequent game in the series….

Ling Xiaoyu
Origin China
Nationality Chinese

How do you pronounce Xiao Yu?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Xiaoyu. xi-aoyu. sh-ih-ow-y-uu.
  2. Meanings for Xiaoyu.
  3. Examples of in a sentence. Qingdao Shinan·Xiaoyu Moutain Park· My name is Du Xiaoyu.
  4. Translations of Xiaoyu. Russian : Сяоюй Chinese : 晓宇 Arabic : شياو يو Japanese : 小玉さん Korean : 샤오유

How old is Ling Xiaoyu in Tekken?

Tekken series. A sixteen-year-old Chinese martial artist, Ling Xiaoyu was tutored by her elderly relative, Wang Jinrei, at a young age; he believed that she could achieve true greatness, yet was frustrated by her flippant attitude. While vacationing with her family in Hong Kong, she notices a company yacht owned by the Mishima Zaibatsu.

Who is the voice of Xiaoyu in Tekken?

Ling Xiaoyu appears in the opening of the anime film Tekken: The Motion Picture. Xiaoyu is the lead character in the 3D anime film Tekken: Blood Vengeance alongside Alisa Bosconovitch. She is voiced by Maaya Sakamoto in Japanese and Carrie Keranen in English.

What games has Xiaoyu been in Besides Tekken?

Outside of the Tekken series, Xiaoyu appeared in Namco crossover titles such as the tactical role-player Project X Zone and its sequel; the mobile game Full Bokko Heroes X; and Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2, in which she was unlockable along with Heihachi and Cassandra Alexandra and Raphael Sorel from the Soulcalibur series.

What’s new in Tekken Revolution?

Because the “bound” system has been removed, Tekken Revolution introduces new mechanincs such as critical art, special arts designed for new players. Players can improve their characters’ statistics such as improving Vigor,Endurance and increase player level by completing certain conditions.