Is Loette a good pill?

Is Loette a good pill?

Loette Tablet is a reliable and safe method for contraception, if used correctly. It does not interrupt with sex and you can lead a normal routine life without any worries. Take it as directed by the doctor to get the most benefit.

What is Loette used for?

Loette is an oral contraceptive, commonly known as a “birth control pill” or “the Pill”. Loette tablets contain two hormones (levonorgestrel and ethinylestradiol), which prevent you from becoming pregnant if taken correctly. They are similar to the hormones that your body normally produces.

Does Loette pill cause weight gain?

Yes, Loette Tablet 21’s is known to cause weight gain. So, to avoid weight gain, do regular exercise, and eat home-cooked food.

Does Loette delay periods?

Sometimes you might not have a menstrual period while taking Loette. If you miss a period and you have not taken your tablets correctly, keep taking your tablets and see your doctor immediately. Not taking your tablets correctly includes missing one or more tablets or starting a new pack later than you should have.

Is Loette good for acne?

Indication: What Loette is used for Loette is an oral contraceptive, used to prevent an unintended pregnancy. Your doctor may also give you Loette for another reason; it can help clear up moderate acne and help with periods which are very heavy, painful or irregular.

Does pills make you gain weight?

Does the pill make you gain weight? Nope! There’s been a ton of research on the birth control pill, and studies have shown that using the birth control pill does not make you gain or lose weight. Some people think that the hormones in the pill cause weight gain or weight loss, but that’s not true.

How do you take pills for PCOS?

You will be told to start taking the oral contraceptive pill on a Sunday, on the first day of your menstrual period, or the day you are seen by your health care provider. You should take one oral contraceptive pill each day, at the same time of day until you finish the pack.