Is Princeton TX safe?

Is Princeton TX safe?

The 2018 crime rate in Princeton, TX is 159 ( crime index), which is 1.7 times lower than the U.S. average. It was higher than in 59.6% U.S. cities. The 2018 Princeton crime rate fell by 29% compared to 2017. In the last 5 years Princeton has seen decline of violent crime and rise of property crime.

What college has the highest crime rate?


Which areas of LA are dangerous?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Los Angeles, CA

  • Chinatown. Population 23,676. 305 %
  • Civic Center-Little Tokyo. Population 3,457. 299 %
  • South Park. Population 7,021. 269 %
  • Lincoln Heights. Population 2,763. 265 %
  • Leiment Park. Population 10,458. 199 %
  • West Adams. Population 11,961. 198 %
  • South Los Angeles. Population 248,666. 132 %
  • Hyde Park. Population 34,645. 123 %

Is Princeton Florida Safe?

The Princeton neighborhood is a dream. This neighborhood is very safe and clean, allowing the community to be comfortable and feeling secure. The schools prove to be effective in their jobs and allow for a reliable and guarded learning environment.

How safe is UCLA?

UCLA Affiliated (off campus) Crime Stats: 82 Incidents Reported. University of California – Los Angeles reported 82 safety-related incidents involving students while off campus but still on property owned or controlled by the school in 2019.

Is it easy to get into Princeton University?

How Difficult Is It To Get Into Princeton? Princeton is one of the most difficult schools to get into in the country. In 2018, it accepted just 5.5% of applicants to the class of 2022. This places it as the third hardest school to get into, behind Stanford and Harvard.

Is USC or UCLA more expensive?

UCLA is a Public and USC is a Private (not-for-profit) school and both are 4 or more years schools. USC has more expensive tuition & fees ($60,275) than UCLA ($43,003). It is harder to admit to USC than UCLA. USC has more students with 47,310 students while UCLA has 44,537 students.

Is UC Riverside ghetto?

UC Riverside is an exceptional university because of its melting pot of people, all mixing together to create an outstanding education. As a university with an unusually high rate of commuters, as well as a location in a not-super-fancy-city, UC Riverside is often deemed a “ghetto” school.